McCain and Palin

McCain - the shifty old dog!

McCain shocked the wolrd, last week when he suggested Alaska Governor Palin for his running mate and to be the VPOTUS.

At first I thought: WTH? Then I started thinking about it and the more I liked the idea. And as I started reading more and more about Palin the more I liked the idea. Here is a woman that knows how to be womanly and yest still governs a state that has no shared border with the U.S. That means every piece of government duty or responsibiltiy outside of the State of Alaska is INTERNATIONAL.

Alaska has Russia to the west and Canada to the east. Two very different opposites in the arenas of diplomacy. I think that would qualify for Executive experience.

Ms. Palin balked at the addition of the Polar Bear to the rosters of protected animals. Ms. Palin's reasons for this were that she was there and knew more about what was happenign wiht the Polar Bear population. It is not shrinking, despite changes to their natural habitat.

As a member of the NRA, experienced outdoors person, hunter (moose) and fisher, I believe Ms. Palin will be able to support balanced protective incentives for the preservation of nature. But I also believe she will find ways to insure those protected natural resources are available for us all to enjoy. Both for sport and for pleasure.

Additional research into Ms. Palin shows that he is a staunch defender of the people agianst political corruption. She took on her own party...AND WON. She fought the oil companies...AND WON. And then she was elected as Governor, upsetting the traditional 'good ol' boy' establishment.

Ms. Palin has little to no experience in Washington D.C. This may be a negative that she and McCain can spin into a true positive. No experience in Washington means fewer allegiances or alliances she will need to maintain. Opening the way for he to force feed some sensibility into the House (both White and on the Hill) by holding those voted in there accountable with her fervor against corruption.

Ms. Palin has a 17 year old daughter that is 5 months pregnant. This has been in the news the last day or two, and about the only thing the Dem's have gotten through the Gustav reports. Ms. Palin also has an infant with Down Syndrome. She also hase 3 other children. Being a mother is already a full-time job, but from all reports I have been able to find and read, Ms. Palin has a knack for balancing the needds of her office with the needs of her family.

I sincerely hope that Ms. Palin's involvement in the Presidential race is a better draw for women than Ferraro or Clinton ever dreamed of. McCain is an old hand in politics, with a bit of a liberalism thrown in. Palin seems to be a solid conservative interested in openign up the North Slope to drililng, TRUE evironmental responsibility, valid and equitable support of Constitution and all Amendments. A Supporter of the Military and has a head for cutting spending without cutting benefits. From all reports I have read, she believes in taxing those that have the most at the same level as those that have the least. However, Corporations are a different target for her. As she proved with the Oil companies and a $1200.00 check to individual Alaskans to help offset the costs of the comming heating expenses.

I was not going to vote for McCain, and was seriously considering not voting AT ALL. Just citing Brewster's Millions with a write in of 'None of the Above'. Now that McCain may have a partner who is a COUNTERPART and BALANCE of his beliefs I have to reconsider.