"When will it END?" cried a mother, for a TV news crew.

"When will it END?" cried a mother, for a TV news crew. "When will the government take the guns off the streets?"

What a GREAT soundbite and video clip that was for the local TV news station. A impoverished woman of color, with a quietly sobbing child on her hip gave the camera her all. Really superb opportunity to get that personal community touch. But how about some truth?

Item 1. That mother on the TV was crying over the loss of her teenaged ( 20 years old is teenaged?) son.
Item 2. That same son was shot by police.
Item 3. That same son shot and killed a 16 year old (white) girl who was (allegedly) pregnant with his child.
Item 4. Before killing the girlfriend, that same son shot and killed the girl's father who was trying to keep them apart.
Item 5. Earlier the same day that same son was bonded out of the local lock up for rape charges. She was only 15 when they had sex, at a party, where he provided her with drugs and alcohol.
Item 6. That same son was a 'good boy' and did not deserve to be 'shot down like a dog' by police.
Item 7. Police fired upon that same son, after he shot at them while running out the door of the house where he murdered the father and girl. The responding officers were men of color.
Item 8. The gun that same 'good boy' son used was reported stolen from a house 4 months prior. That same 'good boy' was a questioned suspect in the burglary.

OK, so here we have a scum bag, getting a 15 year old girl drunk/drugged. Having sex with her. Creating a child. Accused of raping her. Arrested. Bonded out. Retrieves a stolen weapon. Kills the protective father. Kills the pregnant girl. Shoots at police while trying to avoid arrest. And is finally shot down by the police.

Yet he was a 'good boy'?

Yet the government needs to take guns off the streets? Stolen guns, no less.

I think someone is in for a rude awakening. Provided she has the intellect to actually, you know, UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF CONSEQUENCES FOR ONE'S ACTIONS!


Obama Called a Liar

During the President's presentation, tonight, he was called a liar by South Carolina's Joe Wilson. (http://www.examiner.com/x-15870-Populist-Examiner~y2009m9d10-Joe-Wilsons-apology-is-meaningless) Mr. Wilson's outburst came while President Obama was stating that the Health Care Reform would not insure illegal aliens.

Mr. Wilson's political career is probably over. And this is a shame. He has apologized for his emotional outburst to Obama and to the joint House and Congress. This, also, is a shame.

Even if this was just an emotional outburst, it still took a spine to call out the President in such a fashion. And being called out in such a fashion, emotionally, loudly and publicly should happen to them all, MUCH more often.

I've made no bones about it, I disagree with this healthcare bill. Yes, I agree healthcare IS too expensive. And I agree that there are many who don't have healthcare and need it. I do not, in ANY WAY consider good health or healthcare a RIGHT. That is like saying a good salary or income or college degree is a RIGHT. People need to EARN what they have and what the get. Healthcare is a business. A very lucrative one, at that, as shown by the balance sheets and shareholder reports of insurance companies.

The healthcare I have is paid for by me and my employer. It is something I have EARNED and becuase I have earned it, I respect it. I don't abuse it. I don't go to the ER for splinter in my finger or because I have a flu bug with a fever. Instead I see a doctor. Those that use the ER's as their primary care physicians are a very large part of WHY healthcare IS so high. Those same ER's have to be resupplied and continually staffed but not everyone that goes there pay for their services received. So, when you or I go, we end up paying for them as well as the services we need.

This evening I was asked WHY those people are not paying and I suggested a list of possible (probable) causes. They ranged from the homeless who have no other means of getting medical care to those people who CHOOSE not to work and live off the goverment's hand-outs, instead. This is just another symptom of the entitlement generations that have been created in our society in the last 50 or so years. More and more people, every year want more and more for 'free'. It is free to them, because they believe they are entitled to it. It is not free to me, because I have to work to pay for their freebies.

And Joe Wilson had the strength of character, if only for a moment to call it as it he saw it. Granted, it would have been MUCH better if he had run down front with the pages of the bill the proved Obama was a liar. Healthcare reform would then be dead. But unfortunately, he caved, he apologized and fell back into lock step with the regime. He was re-educated. He was corrected for his errors in a swift and very Orwellian manner.


There are times I DO enjoy a good fight!

3 months ago (June 12th, 2009), there was an explosion in the laundry facility of my apartment complex. This explosion, caused by a faulty, coin operated, gas drier, damaged the building and the centralized water heaters That provided water to entire complex for all tenants. Electric water heaters have been installed and are not functioning, correctly (they were not designed for this type of load!). Electric water heaters are being put in, because the gas company will not turn the gas back on, until the building as a whole is fixed! Also, the boiler system for the entire complex is in this same building. And it runs off of gas, as well.

Because of this, I have been taking my daily showers at a truck stop at the cost of $10.00 each and a 20 mile round trip.

So $10/day + (20 miles/day at $0.55/mile) is $21.00 a day it costs me for personal hygiene. At 30 days a month, I am paying $630.00 for access to a service required by the Oklahoma State Tenant and Landlord laws as being available at all times in reasonable volumes. My rent is only $610 and month!

So, tomorrow I deliver the below message to the office manager as well as put a copy in the post, signature receipt required. I have pulled the names out to keep the guilty from getting spammed and slammed. I want them to be able to continue conducting business.


I have thought long and hard on what to say in this message. And everything I have come up with is so negative, so harsh that I have continually decided to not deliver it, until today. Today I have had my fill, and it is time to deliver this information to you. I will provide a copy to the local office manager, and also send a copy, via USPS mail to the corporate offices. These are the actions an attorney friend agreed as reasonable and qualify as good faith efforts as I attempt to rectify these issues. Sending a letter with my grievances and proposed resolutions, before engaging in legal recourse is a sign of positive cooperation.

Item one: I have been accused of owing back rent. I have one payment to make of approximately $400.00. As I have told the local office person, I am uncomfortable paying on any supposedly owed rent from before the first of the year because of a lack of evidence. I have been informed of several issues with the 'books' of CDV, and their lack of accuracy because of misuse or mis-management. With this level of mis-management of funds, I'm not even certain, beyond all doubt, that I owed the back rent I have agreed to pay for the year 2009. At the time I spoke with the local office manager, I agreed I had probably missed a few payments and agreed to pay the reported back rent of 2009. Discussion of any fees and charges due for 2008 was had, but no unquestionable proof has ever been provided, just changing numbers.

Item two: For the last THREE MONTHS we have not had hot water.

Item three: For the last THREE MONTHS we have not had an on site Laundry Facility

Item four: For the last THREE MONTHS, the only information about the situation has been rumor and word of mouth between the tenants. Management is NOT keeping us informed about what is going on. To management this may be just another property, it may be just a a job they are at for less than banker hours every week. To me, this is my HOME. I LIVE here.

Item five: For the last THREE MONTHS, I have been driving 20 miles round trip and paying $10.00, every day so I can take a shower at the truck stops west of town. I have not asked CDV or Vanguard to cover these costs, because I have tried to be patient. That patience has now expired.

Item six: For the last THREE MONTHS, I have had to have laundry done elsewhere. The on-site laundry was an amenity that permitted me to still do other things while the laundry was being done. Now I'm paying considerably more to use a laundromat facility AND get nothing else done, during the process.

Item seven: From the Oklahoma Bar Association Web Site (http://www.okbar.org/public/brochures/tenbroc.htm)
Q: What services am I entitled to?
A: (1) Except in the case of a single family residence, your landlord must keep all common areas used by more than one tenant safe and clean.
(2) Your landlord must keep your premises in a safe, liveable condition.
(3) Your landlord must keep all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and other facilities and appliances in good and safe working order, unless otherwise agreed to by a "conspicuous" writing independent of your rental agreement.
(4) Your landlord must, if your dwelling is other than a one or two-family residence, provide trash receptacles and frequent removal, unless this is provided by a government entity.
(5)Your landlord must supply running water and reasonable amounts of hot water at all times, and reasonable heat, unless you live in a single-family dwelling or have a separate metered utility connection for these services.
(Italic emphasis is mine)

Item eight: Again from the from the Oklahoma Bar Association Web Site (http://www.okbar.org/public/brochures/tenbroc.htm)
Q: What do I do if my landlord does not make necessary repairs or provide necessary services?
A: You must give your landlord written notice of any needed repairs to keep your living quarters safe and healthy (It is recommended that written notice be mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested, when possible).
Your choices (if the defect affects safety or health):
(1) You may tell your landlord in the notice that if repairs are not made in 14 days you will move out in 30 days after the notice and your lease will be over.
(2) If the repair costs less than $100, you may tell the landlord that you will have the repair made yourself and subtract the cost or value from your rent if the landlord does not repair in 14 days.
(3) If an essential service fails due to the landlord's fault or willful act, you can, at your option, by giving written notice:
(a) End your lease and move immediately.
(b) Move somewhere else temporarily. You will not owe the landlord rent while you are living in substitute housing.
(c) Sue the landlord for damages based on the difference between what the apartment or house is worth without the essential service and what you are required to pay under the lease.
(d) Make your own arrangements for the service and deduct the cost from your rent.
(4) If the conditions are so bad that there is an imminent threat to health or safety which is not remedied as soon as conditions require, you may give written notice of the problem and end your lease immediately.
(5) If a fire or other emergency makes your living place unsafe, you may end your lease by moving out and giving written notice within one week.
None of these rights are yours if the damage is caused by you or your family or pet, or a person or animal on the premises with your consent.
(Again, italic emphasis is mine)

For the last three months, I have tried to be patient. There has been no formal communications regarding the 'missing' services. There have been no formal, proactive communications on when the services will be restored.
Given these options, through lack of action and communication, I here by, formally, exercise my rights as listed above.

June saw 18 days without hot water.
July saw 31 days without hot water.
August, another 31 days without hot water.
For September we are at 9 days and counting. At the current expectation, as set by historic precedent, neither hot water nor lease covered amenities will be returned and functional by the end of the month. The same calculations will be used at the end of September to determine rent payment due for October.

18 + 31 + 31 is days. That is $800.00 for showers, alone.
80 trips to the truck stops at 20 miles, round trip, chargeable at 55 cents per mile (http://www.hrblock.com/taxes/tax_calculators/rate_tables/standard_mileage_rates.html) is 80 trips times 20 miles times $0.55 per mile is another $880.00.
This brings a to date total expense to me of $1680.00.
I have no way of quantifying the expenses related to not having hot water in the kitchen for the purposes of cooking and cleaning. This has driven me to eating out more, rather than purchasing food at the grocery and cooking for myself.
Rents paid for June, July and August were paid in good faith that the services would be restored quickly. I now call those rents due for return to me as caused by breach of contract. As demonstrated above, the costs to me, excluding inconvenience, is $20.00 a day ($10 for the shower rental plus mileage). With a rent of $610.00 per month, I should owe no rent for the months of July or August and a pro-rated refund for rent of June.

My proposal is
a) All 'back rents', prior to the loss of services and other monies due are nullified and considered paid in full.
b) Rents paid in good faith for June, July and August of 2009 are refunded to me, immediately ($1830.00).
c) Reimbursement of the above documented out of pocket expenses related to the lack of hot water in the complex. ($1680.00)
d) Rents for September and months going forward will be considered paid in full, until such time as services are restored, because of the daily expenses I incur due to the lack of this critical service.
e) Amenities such as a working and viable laundry facility on property, as well as properly functioning dishwashers (which require hot water to work effectively) must also be restored to full functionality as they represent components of our contracted agreement and have been functional through precedent.

From my perspective, there is no room for negotiation on this. This is a breech of the leasing contract. I appreciate all patience that has been extended to me, during my time as a tenant at multiple Vanguard properties. I have been patient, and I am providing a reasonable response to an otherwise untenable situation. I have neither the funds nor interest in moving. If these services are not fully restored by the end of September and the property brought back up to the same level of service as when I contracted to living here, I will have no choice but to seek another location to live, and seek additional legal recourse for the relocation and related expenses. I will have to consider this an action forced upon me by Vanguard's inaction and seek legal redress of all related funds.

To summarize, any outstanding 'debt' CDV/Vanguard state I owe is considered paid in full. Rents paid for June, July and August are to be refunded, in full. Reimbursement is to be made of the above calculated expenses incurred. Rent for September and months going forward will be waived, in consideration of the daily expense of alternative solutions required for personal hygiene.

Should you determine CDV and Vanguard no longer desire my business, all above mentioned funds become due upon notification of such desire. This refund will be required to secure other living arrangements and cover deposits and other relocation expenses. Failure to provide this refund while attempting to force me out will result in my seeking legal recourse as the only avenue available to me.

The situation with the lack of required services must be addressed. The tenants and governmental agencies providing for the residents on assistance should receive weekly updates as to the progress and expected return of required services (hot water) and the previously provided on site laundry.

If you have any questions or need to speak with me regarding this, please leave a message at (phone number removed to protect ME). I will return your call to schedule a meeting at the Vanguard offices with members of Vanguard management that fits my availability.



I sincerely doubt I will ever see that $3510.00 I have demonstrated they owe me, but I WILL fight for it. I will fight VERY hard for it!


Family comes first, but keeping a job makes it A LOT easier to do!

While on vacation, I visited family. Primarily my Dad. His best friend, came over that evening and we had a great visit. Discussing politics, society and computers. I really love that type of visit. The next day, Dad and I went to his parent's house. While he was doing other things I sat chatting with my grand parents. Both are in their 80's and having issues. My living so far away, I don't see the gradual progression, I get the big shocks when I visit. This was one of those times. My Grandfather was telling me that I should stop by his sister's place in Kentucky. I had not seen her for over 20 years so I was a bit uncertain. But my Grandmother, whom I can not disobey, told me to go there. Then she started telling me how to find it. We sat there and visited, discussed the placed in Kentucky and so on for a good while. Then she turned and asked me who I was. This devastated me. It took me a few moments to understand her question. When I did, I realized it was the Alzheimer's. As GrandDad was telling her who I was, and I listened to them talk about me, my lineage and history, it dawned on me, I no longer knew these people. And they knew more of me, than they actually knew me. And it was too late to change that. However, what I could do was to be there and learn who they are. Speak with them, support them and so on.

As I continued my vacation, I did stop in to see my GrandDad's older sister. Myrtle. Myrtle is a little spit fire rolled up in live TNT sticks. She lives mostly alone. Her daughter lives downstairs in her own apartment of the house. And we spoke of her baby brother (GrandDad) and what was going on with him. His Alzheimer's is not as advanced as Grandmother's. But he also has Senile Dementia. The things Myrtle was telling me about their last visit just had my heart and mind spinning.

After this short visit I continued on my way, enjoying the roads and the sites of the Cumberland Lake area, and then on down into Tennessee and the Daniel Boone National Forest. But I could not get away from the thoughts of my Grandparents. Neither of them is really able to care for themselves, anymore. That is why they are going to move in with my Dad. And he is not really doing much better. He's not got that 'old people's disease' as Grandad calls it. But instead, he's got very bad asthma due to a victory over lung cancer. He's also got a busted up back. He get's along just fine, for himself. But I'm worried about him and his parents. I'm also worried about losing some of that history they have been through. I'm also worried, probably most worried, about my Dad and I not knowing each other.

As a teen ager, I put my Dad through hell and back. As a young adult, I often just cut off ties with family as I tried to figure things out for myself, and only called when I wanted something. Now, I'm in my 40's and Dad and I talk usually at least once a week. He sends me e-mails, almost daily.

As I rode I came to the realization, there is really only ONE WAY to improve this situation. I need to move back to the Indianapolis area. A tall order, given the state of the economy and the employment market. Tomorrow, I speak with my manager to try to start making arrangements to work remotely, at least 3 weeks of the month from Indy. That will put me nearer to family and able to help my Dad with the variety of things he needs help with. Dad and I discussed this. He was adamant that I not do this unless it is for me. This is for ME.

I realized that, on the road, somewhere between Nashville and Memphis. More than once I started to turn north, to 'head home'. I thought long and hard about my responsibilities. Not just to my family and my friends, but also to myself and my employer. Once past Memphis, I started putting pieces of the puzzle together. What would I need to do to make this happen, etc.

The biggest obstacle is employment. I can't rent my own place and have gas money to do the things I need to do without a job. I've looked at the Indianapolis area market, and well, for high tech jobs such as I do, they have VERY few openings. So my plan is to meet with my manager, tomorrow for a regularly scheduled meeting and open a dialogue on performing my job remotely. All the tools and technologies are in place. I've got the equipment I need to do the work out of my home. All I really need is a good, reliable high-speed internet link. And his permission.

Here is hoping I can sell myself and my ideas, well enough to make a very important change. I don't want to leave this job, but I don't see that I have any option, but to get back to Indianapolis. And at this point, maybe working 3rd shift, night auditor for a hotel again will get me there. I'm hoping it will not come to that.

Share a warm thought if you can. This might get a bit rough.




Selling myself

For almost two decades I have worked in the IT industry. I have enjoyed a wide variety of jobs where I started building machines for the a neighborhood white box vendor to becoming the IT resource for multiple dot-com start-ups in Silicon Valley. And now I answer phones, providing tech support for Enterprise customers. I spend my 9 hour shifts fixing what other people own. Every day I am repairing something that another 'paper qualified' person put in place. Rarely am I engaged to repair something that is broken after it has been correctly installed and maintained. I am doing their jobs for them. And the ones I really enjoy are the consultants that call us to fix what they installed and are being paid many more dollars per hour for than I am. Yet I am his resource to maintain his customers.

What is the difference between those people and my self?

A good question that I spent a heavy part of my vacation trying to figure out. Here is what I came up with: I'm too experienced and not flexible enough in this market. I have worked myself into a niche market that is all but closed up. For years I have been paying a portion of my taxes to help ensure that the off-shore outsourcing is profitable to employers because of the federal tax kickbacks the employers get. Now I'm competing with persons who have degrees that I never made the time to get. They have papers that suggest they have the skills an employer wants and needs. I have the experience to actually do the work.

So, again, what am I missing?

In a word: Salesmanship. I am not a salesman. I have a hard time with salesmen. I call a vendor for something I need, I ask for their website. I then bargain hunt. HARD! Then I call back, armed with those details. If they will not provide me the item I am looking for (or like item) within 5%, I move on. 5% of the price is what I consider a reasonable difference for having it NOW, rather than ordering one in. Their S&H charges are spread out across several items in an order, not a single item.

Example: I recently replaced my failing motorcycle. I had cash for the dealership that had the bike I wanted. I sat down with the sales guy, and started the haggle process. He quoted a price and I countered. He excused himself to speak with his supervisor. I told him, then, to get the very bottom dollar the supervisor would go for, because I don't have all day. He came back with a different number. I again countered. He said he had to ask, again. I left. He did not follow instructions of me, the customer. He was prepared to waste my time. I understand the process. Get the customer so wrapped up and invested in the purchase they will finally commit to a price the dealership wants, rather than what is in budget.

I, honestly, could never do the other side of that job. I don't sell, well. I'm not into marketing. I don't trust it. Marketing has proven, to me, to be a series of lies, mistruths and hype that usually over sells an item or service. And leaves a company with unhappy customers, but a dollar today, rather than being honest, selling a reasonable and quality product at a righteous price and earning 20 dollars tomorrow. That is what marketing means to me.

So, how does a person such as myself sell himself into a different job? Especially one across state lines where he has no business contacts, but needs to find employment there for family reasons?



A funny thing happened on the way here, today …

Well, not so much a 'funny' but an interesting.

I am on vacation. For my vacation, I am riding my motorcycle to a long list of places. On day 4 of this wonderful vacation, I was in the Lake Cumberland area of Kentucky.

I spent some time seeing the various sites and 'reconnecting' with an area that has a heavy ancestral relationship to me. It is an odd thing to describe. The last time I was in this part of the country was in the summer of 1986. Anyway, back to my story.

I left the bike at one of those scenic pull offs and went for a brief walk along a path. This path took me to the top of a knoll that had been cleared of trees, some time ago. The clearing on this knoll was maybe 50 yards across, roughly egg shaped with the wider part of the egg to the south east.

As I stood there, slowly turning in a circle, I felt as though my boots were getting tighter as my toes seems to feel as though they were growing. My legs and arms grew stiff and felt to be cracking and splitting along their lengths. My ankles were wide apart but the space between seems to be filling in, as well.

While this was happening, the sky was shifting and changing. The sun was but a streak across the sky, occasionally blinking on what I knew to represent cloudy days. I can describe it no further than to say that I was suddenly growing into a mighty oak tree on that spot. I could see the space around there change as the road grew backwards until there was no road. Just land and hills and the clearing I was standing in was still there, with just this lone oak tree standing alone.

And the event was over in the span of just a few breaths, interrupted by the screams of someone's annoying children. I don't know what it was, but it was wild and weird and excitingly scary, all at the same time. I must think on the meaning of this. If all goes well, tomorrow I get to meet with a local Cherokee shaman. Perhaps I will share the 'vision', if this is what it was with him.

Good night from Robbinsville, NC.



Kettle meet Pot

From Slashdot comes this little technology nugget:

"From the BBC, 'Three technology heavyweights are joining a coalition to fight Google's attempt to create what could be the world's largest virtual library. Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo will sign up to the Open Book Alliance being spearheaded by the Internet Archive. They oppose a legal settlement that could make Google the main source for many online works. "Google is trying to monopolise the library system," the Internet Archive's founder Brewster Kahle said.'"

Pasted from

So, Google is trying to monopolize a library system where books and information will be freely available? And Microsoft is against this? Microsoft who has been sued how many times for monopolistic practices? Amazon, who sells books online? And Yahoo, Google's primary search engine competitor? Like ANY of them would not be doing the same, if they had found a way to make a buck at it!


It is time ...

It is time for me to take some time for ME. Yes, it is vacation time! WOOHOO!

I work 3rd shift. It is 10PM, at the moment. My vacation starts at 0600.

8 hours.
640 minutes.
38400 seconds.

And already the phones in the support center are ringing non-stop.

ANYWAY, back to my vacation plans. (THIS is the REAL reason to have a blog, right? To brag about something? At least that is what MSM says. None of US could be journalists. I agree. Most bloggers I know and read have MORALS!) So, at 0600 (or as soon as I get off work) I will be jumping on my motorcycle and heading out of town. First leg is OKC to Indy. That is about 750 miles. On my 'new' bike. OH! I have not bragged about THAT, yet, have I?

The bike: The motorcycle is a part of my own personal stimulus program. My old bike, a '96 Honda Shadow ACE 1100, was a nice ride and the Shadows have long been a solid and stable platform. But at 160K+ miles on it, it was time to trade in. So the 'new' bike is a used '02 Honda VTX 1800. I've had CARS with smaller engines than this thing has. It is larger, longer, louder, stronger, faster, etc, etc, etc… And I'm loving it!

Anyway, I got up early today. The last week I've had these three piles growing in the living room. Things I MUST take, things it would be nice to take and the 'if possible' category. Today I managed to make a 4th pile and used that to load down the bike. All of this IS necessary, you see, because I'm going to camp for a few days in the Smokey Mountains. Appalachia. My personal 'motherland'. In particular, I'm heading to Deal's Gap (http://www.dealsgap.com) for a ride there. 318 curves in 11 miles. So, first a couple of days with my Dad in Indy, then a couple in the mountains and a couple of days getting back to OKC. That will pretty much take up my entire vacation. Close to 2500 miles, by map for the route. That is a lot of saddle time.

Saddle time like this is good for thinking! Solo thinking. Self identity, career, desires, self-image, etc. All those things to ensure I don't have that mid-life crisis and melt-down, before 60. I'm aiming for 60 to my 'mid-life' crisis.

But, anyway, Yes, I will be blogging and twitting (paganblacksmith) on the road. And I DO intend to upload photos from 'heaven on earth'. I've been fortunate to have been many places on this little dirty blue-green marble. But there is no place I've ever been like Appalachia.

More to follow in the next few days.



Guns near the President

Ok, here is my WTF article for the week. And I’ve got a few things to spit out about it.

“Dozen Armed With Guns Protest Obama Speech
About a dozen people carrying guns, including one with a military-style rifle, milled among protesters outside the convention center where President Barack Obama was giving a speech.”

So a bunch of people go to see the President speak. In the designated visitors section, were several patriotic law abiding individuals, exercising their right to open carry. The police spoke with them, everyone was legal.


Let me repeat that for Paul Helmke, President of the gang I call “The Brady Bunch”.
Not one of those armed protestors did anything to threaten the President, the Presidential detail or other civilians.

The Secret Service spokesman, Ed Donovan, even stated those armed protestors did nothing to change the game plan for the President’s security. The Secret Service was not worried enough about armed protestors to change their plans. Imagine that!
People exercising their right to speak, to rally together and protest. They continued to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear firearms.

President Obama is our currently elected leader. I may not like him. I may not like his policies, his plans or his czars and advisors. But I have no desire to see ill or hurt befall him or his family. The damage such an act would have on this nation would ensure the end of the Republic. I hope Mr. Obama lives a long life, outside of his installment as the current POTUS. I also hope that his tenure as President is short, before he tears this great nation apart.



Last month I was called a bigot.  I was called a racist.  I was told that I had no compassion for my fellow man.  All of this stemming from an 'interview' with a friend of a friend who was doing a paper on 'Social Attitudes'.

The discussion went kind of like this:

Me: So, what do you want to know?  What are we going to discuss?

Her: I've got a list of topics I want your opinion and comments on.  I will then write about your opinions and either support them or argue them in my paper.

Me:  Ok.  Why me?  You don't know me.  Until today, we had never met. 

Her: I was discussing this assignment with <mutual friend> and it was recommended I use you as my subject for this interview.  I think she suggested you because she thinks you are smart, or something.

Me:  Ahh.  Well let's get this started, I need to be at work in an hour and a half.

Her: OK.  What do you know about the healthcare bill before Congress?

Me: I know it is there.  I believe it is a mistake.  I know there is no way for President Obama to keep his promises about taxes and reform if that bill becomes law.  I know that bill will not help the healthcare system, but instead destroy it.  This country has the best healthcare possible, in the entire world.  Canada has a lottery to determine if you can see the doctor this month.  The PM of Australia came to this country to get the care he needed for a prostate issue, because it was not available in Australia.  I know that right now, I could go to the hospital and get care if I needed it.  Without insurance.  Yes, I will get billed for it, but I could still get the care I needed.  This country has the smartest and best doctors in the world.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that here a doctor gets paid a market value for their work.  Specialists get paid even more.  And the doctor is, oftentimes, self-employed.  Another small business paying taxes and helping our overall economy.  By changing to socialized medicine, which is what this bill is about, we, as a population, take away the incentive of people to become doctors.  The brightest and the best will find other fields to work in, where they can profit the most from what they do.  The second reason for having the best medical care available is becuase of those doctors who practice medicine as a calling.  These are the people that care about others so much that they give of themselves to help others.  These are the doctors you see opening 'free clinics' in places where there is economic depression.  These are the doctors that are part of Doctors without Borders and other similar programs.  Socialized medicine will tell these great people who give of themselves so freely who they can help and how much help they can give.  This healthcare bill will stifle their ability to give of themselves.

Her:  So you think Doctors are either in healthcare to become rich or play God?

Me:  That is not what I said.  But with some of the doctors I have seen through the years, that comment applies to a few.  Look, medicine is hard work.  Dealing with sick people or injured people can really test the mettle of a person.  There are two rewards for that, money and pride.  Have you seen how much it costs for medical school these days?  After 6 to 12 years of advanced study these doctors can have $250,000 in school debt to pay off.  That debt has to be paid off, somehow.  Taking pride in helping others is it's own payment. 

Her:  Ok. Next question:  Where do you stand on the illegal immigrant issue?

Me:  If they are here, illegally, they should be returned to where ever they came from.  I know and understand that most are good people, here to get jobs and to live a better life.  But I have to ask myself, how much respect can they have for this country when they have essentially "break in" to get here.  It is my opinion they should be rounded up and sent 'home'.  There are rules, laws and processes for how honest people can enter our nation.  If they will not respect those laws, how can they be expected to respect others such as laws against rape, theft, murder?  I'm all for immigration.  My ancestors were immigrants, but they got here, legally.  I would ask that any person wanting to come to our nation enter legally.  If they want to stay here, they need to work, here.  They need to support the nation by being an American, not a 'Mexican-American' or 'Hispanic-American'.  They should become a part of the whole, not set themselves to be seperate.  That means learning to speak English, participating in our society and respecting our laws.

Her:  You only mentioned 'Mexicans' and 'Hispanics'.  Do you think no one else is crossing our borders, illegally?

Me:  No, but we DO have an open border with Canada.  Of the Canadians that come here, most go back home, after they get whatever medical treatment they came here for.  The same medical treatment their socialized medicine solution either denied them or scheduled them for, so far out they will die before they can get the treatment.

Her:  So you are a racist.  You think the Canadians come here only for medicine and not for jobs because they are white?

Me:  I am not a racist.  I only want people entering into this nation do so legally, respecting our laws.  I only want those same people to be American's.  As American's we have the freedoms to be who and what we want to be.  We can be a success or a failure or just skate by.  We can go to school, get jobs doing things we like, or even set up our own business, if that is what we want to do.  We have LEGAL immigrants coming to this country and doing any or all of those things, every single day.  To be free is hard work.  To be an American, a true American means to work hard and to be a part of the nation.

Her:  I already know the answer, but I need your comments for my paper, where do you stand on the gun problems in this country?

Me:  Actually, I agree.  There is a 'gun problem' in this country.  There are too many laws and rules regarding 'gun control'.  Actually, there are just too many laws in this country.  There was a time when a person did not need the permission of the government to protect themselves.  Now?  Now, in most states, someone else has to determine if I have the need to protect myself.  The Brady Bunch are peddling fear without seeing the bigger picture.  As long as the people are not aloowed or are restricted on having guns, then crime will be higher.  Look at England.  A story I read a few years ago stated how a man went to prison, for life, because he shot two people.  This person was a farmer.  The two people had broken into his home, one of them had a pistol.  The farmer had an old shotgun.  He shot both those men who broke into his home and threatened him and his family.  The farmer was sentenced to life in prison, and because the burglars were hurt, by a gun the farmer was not supposed to have, they were released.  Tell me, how is that just?  After their release, one of the burglars stated they were going to kill the farmer and his family.  If they had known he had that shotgun, they would not have gone into that house.  We have too many laws in this nation that take away or limit the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  I don't want to be that English farmer.  And I want to be dead, even less.  So I will always have, find or make a way to protect me and mine.  I believe that is part of being an American, too.  I don't take from others.  I earn what I have and intend to keep it. 

Her:  I thought you were one of those gun nuts.

Me:  If you thought I was all these bad things, then why interview me?  So far you have called me a bigot and a racist.  You insinuate I am some kind of radical gun nut because I believe in protecting what I earn.

Her:  This is not about me, it is supposed to be an interview of you.  Shall we continue?  What is your stance on the war?

Me:  Which one?  Iraq or Afganistan?

Her:  They are the same war. 

Me:  No, they are not.  The war in Afghanistan has been going on a bit longer than the one in Iraq.  Just a few months longer, but longer, none the less.  Regardless, my stance on the wars is actually quite simple.  We have taken the fight to 'them'.  The fight is on their soil.  We have had no more major bombings or terrorist attacks on our nation since we took the battle to them.  I think there are better ways to have fought parts of the wars, I think our supposed leaders have used the wars to further their own gains.  And I think the funding for the wars should NEVER have been a political ace card.  As long as Al Quieda exists, they will be forever a threat to the peace of this nation.  I believe the people who are Al Quieda do not represent the Muslim world as a whole, but are zealots.  Islam is not, in my opinion, a religion of peace.  Nor is Christianity.  Look at the atrocities committed by both over the centuries.  The proof is in their actions, not in their words.  As for them being the 'same war' that is inaccurate.  Former President Bush went to war in Afghanistan because of the terrorist attacks on the US.  That includes 9/11 and the attacks on the USS Cole and various US buildings in other countries.  The war in Iraq was initiated to put an end to support Hussein was giving Al Queida and other terrorist groups.  Hussein was removed from power as a means of providing stability to that part of the world.  Much like the guy in Iran, he wanted more than he had.  He killed his own people by the thousands in acts of genocide.  He maintained an iron fist rule where the laws applied only in degrees.  The closer a person was to him, more immune they were to law, order and justice.

Her:  Last question:  What is your religion and why?

Me:  I'm pagan.  Not wiccan.  Not Christian.  But Pagan.  In the original Latin, pagan meant ignorant or uneducated.  Over time and ignorance, the city people started equating that ignorance with not knowing their God.  And in their efforts to expand the Roman Catholic empire, pagans were looked upon as being simple.  In reality, the church started adopting many of the pagan elements into their religion.  Easter is an example.  Easter is a celebration of life and renewal.  And oddly enough it is celebrated about the same time as Ostara, the pagan celebration of rebirth of the Sun.  This occurs on the Vernal Equinox, when the day and the night are of equal length.  The Church decided they were not going to beat the pagans into Christianity, so instead, they created holidays and adopted symbols to fold the pagans in.  Look at Christmas for that one.  The birth date of Christ.  The giving of gifts and celebrating family. Then look into the spirit of Yule.  Yule was to celebrate the birth of the Divine Child conceived on Beltane in early May.  The winter solstice.  The shortest day and longest night of the year.  Once past the winter solstice, the year could get no worse or longer.  The nights start to shorten and the promise of spring comes to us.  I consider myself a 'Militant Pagan' or a Universalist.  I am militant in that I demand to be allowed to worship if and how I see fit, as long as I cause no harm or limit the same right of another.  I am pagan, because I want peace, and the other 'major' religions do not offer that, because they all preach love and acceptance, but then preach exclusion, separation and violence.  Abortion and Gay marriage point both of those out in stark contrast to what is preached in the bible and by Christ.  Being pagan lets me live my life by my morals and I hae to report to no one but myself for my thoughts and what is in my heart.

Her:  OK, I think I have enough.  I obviously have very different points of view than you have.  It is a shame you are wrong on so many points.  You are a smart person.  I just don't understand how you can be so smart and yet so wrong on everything.

Me:  Well, if smart equals right, and I am as smart as you say I am, perhaps your opinions are wrong.  Of course, if smart equals right, then wrong equals what?  Dumb? 

Yesterday I was contacted by the young lady who interviewed me to tell me the grade on her paper.  Evidently the instructor of her sociology class gave out two grades per paper.  One was for the student and one for the person interviewed.  This student received a failing grade on the paper because her opinions were based upon emotions and ignorance and could not be supported with logical discourse.  The instructor also saw fit to award a perfect score to me, after listening to the tape of the interview.  Even though we had differing stands on these points of the interview, my comments were well stated and clearly supported.

Maybe I should go back to school.  Hmmm.  Definitely something to think about.



Reasons for the 2nd Amendment

Iran, 2009; Current day example of why the 2nd Amendment applies to the individual, rather than the state.


Helping good people

Send $25.00 to melody.byrne AT gmail.com via paypal for what is going to be one of the very best cook books ever printed ($10.00 for an e-copy).

These people, Chris and Melody of http://anarchangel.blogspot.com/ have been going through hell the last few years with an extremely expensive international custody battle. This couple has done everything to protect their kids. I've read their blog for quite a while and several others I read, read it often, as well. If you've got the dollars, in this very tight and scary economy, help someone with a bit of relief. They are not asking for handouts or charity, but are offering what they know (some damned good recipes!) in exchange for a few shells. I've ordered one and intend to order others, as pay days roll around. I think these will make some excellent X-Mas gifts.

and tell them P.Blacksmith sent ya!


bad e-mail advise

This e-mail was forwarded to me, lately. I decided to respond in a helpful way, rather than just smacking someone around as my mood suggested.


How to protect your e-mai l address book
A computer repairman says this is like having gold.
This is a good thing.I learned a computer trick today that's really ingenious in its simplicity.
As you may know, when/if a worm virus gets into your computer
it heads straight for your email address book,
and sends itself to everyone in there,
thus infecting all your friends and associates.
This trick won't keep the virus from gettinginto your computer, but it will stop it from using your address book to spread further, and it will alert you to the fact that the worm has gotten into your system.
Here's what you do:
First, open your address book and click on'new contact,'
just20as you would do if you were adding
a new friend to your list of email addresses.
In the window where you would type yourfriend's first name, type in 'A'.
For the sc reen name or email address,
type mailto:AAAAAAA@AAA.AAA
Now, here's what you've done and why it works:
The 'name 'A' will be placed at the top of your address book as entry #1.
This will be where the worm will start in an effort to send its elf to all your friends.
When it tries to send itself to AAAAAAA@AAA.AAA,
it will be undeliverable ONT>
because of the phony email address you entered.
If the first attempt fails
(which it will because of the phony address),
the worm goes no further
and your friends will not be infected.
Here's the second great advantage of this method:
If an email cannot be delivered,
you will be notified of this in your In Box almost immediately.
if you ever get an email telling you that an email addressed to AAAAAAA@AAA.AAA could not be delivered,
you know right away that you have the worm virus
in your system.
You can then take steps to get rid of it!
Pretty slick huh?
If everybody you know does this then you need not ever worry about opening mail from friends.
DO IT NOW and pass this on to all your friends.


Another case of wishful dreaming propagated to create a false sense of security. The virus/worm does not stop with just the first message. Instead it will generate 100's of messages as quickly as possible
and sends them. The speed of this attack is important, as well. Others don't go for JUST the address book. They also go for the received and sent items in your mailboxes, farming good addresses tested by someone else, you.

The best way to ensure lower risk of e-mail worm infection is diligence. Keeping your anti-virus current and updated. Being aware of what is being sent to you and by whom. Don't use known tools and applications that are vulnerable to these attacks. Keep your applications, such as outlook express and IE current, too.

If possible read your e-mail online. Using the webmail made available by most ISP's (and others) most worms can be caught there, before infecting thousands of other people. Those businesses are intent on keeping those threats to a minimum as their bottom dollar is threatened in several ways by each virus/worm threat. First, they lose advertising dollars when their servers are clogged with CRUD. Secondly, if you can't get to your data, you stop using that particular service, again more revenue loss. Thirdly, if they have enough problems with their service and quality, they lose credibility starting the downward spiral that is known known as internet death.

If you don't like your information being 'out there' where anyone with a few kiddie scripts might get to it because of a weak password, and you have concerns regarding the inherent weaknesses of Windows, then you have two options. Stop using e-mail and go back to letting the USPS handle all of your correspondence. They could use the business, anyway. OR switch to a proven more secure operating system and set of tools. Many distributions of Linux are available for a great variety of skill levels.

Last I heard, my mother was using an ubuntu linux install to surf the internet, purchase stuff via e-bay and send receive e-mails. She is a smart woman, but computers just are not her 'thing'. As long as she stays within the parameters set up, the machine works flawlessly for her.

Use the right tools and the best tools for the job. Linux is not for everyone, but there are a great many of the same tools from Linux made available for Windows. Using tools such as FireFox and Thunderbird can also help. Choose and use what is right for you and for what you need to do. If you have questions, please let me know. I will answer them as best I can and help you choose the best solution for your unique needs.

I can be reached as daniel@l4smb.net or on my website, http://www.l4smb.net.


Memories attack with the mildest of stimuli

Sitting at work, things were slow, so I pulled out the MP3 player to jam to while surfing for Linux stuff.

I just told the the MP3 player to start randomly playing any of the music on there.  The first few songs were not 'right' for my mood.  Then came up "Girl" by the Beatles.  I chose to listen to that album, Rubber Soul.  For 30 or so minutes I was transplanted in time a space, within my mind to places and times that were simpler for me.  During 'In my Life' I remembered standing beside a black TV stood up on it's side, smacking out the drum bits with my hands.  Getting different tones from different parts of the side I was tapping on.  I could not have been more than 9.  Then came 'Michelle', and I saw my sister, in freeze frame through her growing up with me.  Granted the song is about a crush or a girlfriend or a lover.  But my sister was named for that song.  'Run for your life' was visions from the backseat of a small car, with a very young version of my father in the driver's seat, tapping out the rythym on the steering wheel at a stop light.  During 'The Word' I'm sitting on the floor of my Dad's CB shop, behind the house, taking apart radios for him to use for spare parts.  I've got the diagonal cutters in my hand, asking Dad how long he wanted the tranformer wires.

Good memories, good time.  Better times and simpler times.

Before this little journey I had been having a bit of a rough day.  Now?  My day is better.

Trust me on this one.  Take a few inutes and explore the memorie sform the stimuli you have abotu.  that little 30 minute vacation down memory road was as refreshing as beautiful spring day, playing hooky from work.  I think we technically call them "Mental Health Days."



Time to Gripe

Ok, I've been quiet quite a bit, lately. Mostly because I've been working on my L4SMB.net website. Thanks for dropping by, if you have not, get on over there.


Obama the fierce is being clapped on the back (by his own people) as a firm, decisive leader with a spine.


Yes, I just used an offensive word. Get over it. If you don't like it, crawl under a rock and hide for a decade or so.


Obama is being lauded all these strong wonderful things for his handling of the Somali Pirates and the sea captain that was hostage. Obama did nothing more than hinder the SEAL team and the on site commander, preventing them from doing their jobs, effectively.

The hostage, even got out of the boat and into the water, freeing the SEALS to shoot with no risk to the hostage, and again, the idiot with solar screen sized ears held them from acting, as they, the pirates, recovered their prize.

Here is a small boat with three unruly men holding another, unarmed man hostage. Many threats of violence and death have been promised by the pirates. And still the orders stood that the Navy was to take no action unless the hostage's life was in serious and eminent danger.

The on scene commander saw one of the pirates point a weapon at the hostage. he considered this to be serious and eminent danger and ordered the SEAL team to remove the threat.

The scenario ran for many ore hours than it should have. and the hostage was left in the hands of pirates. Intentionally left in danger.

One commander took a look at the situation, determined the risks and ordered the shots. I hope he is awarded a medal for dis-obeying an order and saving a life.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Komisar Obama is a fraud.

But as I was recently reminded by a comic from my father, who grew up in a different time, the caption of which read: "don't worry, after all, how many black men do you know that have kept the same job for 4 years." Racist, yes, undeserved? doubtful.

Good night, all



Agitation on the Anderson Cooper site

First I read: http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2009/04/15/tea-bag-toss-ends-white-house-protest/comment-page-1/#comment-672022.  And I was mildly perturbed that some idiot threw a tea bag onto the white house lawn.  Then we learn it was a box of tea bags. 

OK, so some idiot was being an idiot.  THEN I read the comments. 

My comments may get moderated out of existence, so here they are.  I posted them following Bunmi of California's comments.  Please excuse me while I look for that mythical place where America USED to be.


A ‘Tea Party’ to protest unjust taxation? Taxation being decided by those who will be exempt from it? OR at least able to give themselves pay increases to offset their new taxes? Taxation on those who worked and earned their wages, just so it can be given to those who are ‘less fortunate’?

Get over yourself.

Obama was elected for one reason and one reason alone. He BOUGHT the votes of a majority of the American People. The Media got behind him to make history of ensuring this BLACK guy got elected. Careers were made with the coverage of Obama’s campaign. Writers and reporters who previously were not good enough for the mainstream media outlets were all over Obama as a meal ticket. And suddenly they were stellar reporters with big numbers and careers.

Don’t come down on the conservatives and the Republicans quite so hard. After all, Madoff’s ponzi scam was first reported to the federal government while Bill and Hilary were in charge. And no one wanted to hear about it then, either.

And just to remind a few folks, the persons who have taken the majority of the profits from the illicit activities in the lending and housing markets are NOT the ones that pay the majority into the tax coffers. It is those people with JOBS who pay their taxes and go home. Bush gave tax breaks to the wealthiest in an effort to get money back into the economy. It was a bust, as far as ideas go.

Obama’s plan is to INCREASE TAXES, INCREASE SPENDING and bankrupt us wholly. The same man that bows in submission to another leader, an arab, as he represents THE ENTIRE NATION. He subjugated our entire nation to the feat of that Muslim King. Yet his wife will offer to shake the hand of the Queen of England. Not even able to present the proper respect of a curtsy.

But ALL of the above is without value when you consider our nations first “African American” President wants to reinstate slavery through the mandatory volunteerism required by the Give Act. I guess that is how he intends to pay for so much of what he is feeding the senate and the Congress while asking for Party votes.

Republicans may be full of sour grapes, as the Dems were during the Bush reign. The Dems are now walking on cloud 9 pushing as much socialism through as possible.

And those who use their BRAIN and vote on conscience, will see to it that this nation stands, despite the two ends fighting against the middle.

Pagan Blacksmith of OKC, OK


Linux in the SMB space

Lately,  I've been working on another website, quite a bit.  Trying to get some google money from advertising, etc.  But primarily, I have been trying to develop content for a Linux site focused on supporting small business.

For several years, I have been a strong proponent of Linux.  The Open Source 'movement' has come a very long way in recent years.  As applications such as Samba continue to progress, every day Linux is narrowing the Microsoft dominance in the IT industry.

In the IT industry there are five primary arenas.  The most profitable arena is the 'Enterprise'.  Followed by Government (or Public), Client, then SMB and finally Consumer.

The Consumer Market is home PC like what is available in most 'BigBox Stores' such as WalMart and BestBuy.

Enterprise is the large company with many computers, massive server farms, and the like.  WalMart, Ford Motor Co, JPL, NYT, and similar companies would be considered Enterprise customers.

The Government or Public channel includes such as NASA, the federal, state and local governments, schools and so on. 

Client is more like a joint sub-division of both Enterprise and Government.  Client is usually alrge. high number sales orders for machines with all the same specs.

And finally, we come to SMB (Small/Medium Business).  SMB is usually defined as 100 or fewer PCs.  Microsoft has a product out call Small Business Server which has a set of restrictions limiting the system to support no more the 75 users.

The Linux environment is in use in all these markets.  Many very large organizations may not even be aware they are using Linux systems outside of the IT department.  Few people are using Linux as their primary home desktop primarily because of learning curves.  Linux is not difficult ot learn, it is just ... different. 

However, one issue I have seen that is holding Linux 'back' in the SMB space is the lack of support and easy integration of all these various tools.  So, my website, L4SMB.net, is focused on bringing that information together.  It is also a site for those persons who have an interest if supporting Linux in teh SMB space to share ideas and hopefully insight.

If you have an interest in Linux, or are in business, take a look at my site.  http://www.l4smb.net

P. Blacksmith


One idea on 'How to Fix Our Government'

Ok, I had this truly evil idea.  At least many in our government (mostly the elected officials) would consider it evil, yet they are the one's who gave me the idea.

Here are my thoughts on several things that are broken and how we can fix them.

  • Problem - Social Security - I'm paying a lot into it and doubt I will ever get anything back out of it.
  • Fix - get rid of ALL the special federal employee retirement programs and have them use Social Security
  • Problem - Medicare/Medicade/National Healthcare - If National Healthcare is so good, why do the English and the Canadians come to our country for major medial, like multip-by-pass surgeries?
  • Fix - Put ALL State and Federal Employees and Elected persons on Medicare/Medicade/National Healthcare.  Within 3 years, the 'unrepairable' will be fixed.
  • Problem - 2nd Amendment Rights - The politicians say we have no reason to want or need firearms.
  • Fix - If we don't need or have a right to firearms, then they don't need armed body guards, neither do their kids, their wives, mothers-in-law, etc.  They want us 'dis-armed' then they should demonstrate how safe this land is.
  • Problem - Pork Spending - Every single one of those politicians is spending our money for their next election.
  • Fix - Mandatory term limits, salary capped at 2x national minimum wage, Social Security instead of their pension plan, Government run medical for them and their families.  After all, if it's good enough for me and mine, it's good enough for them.
  • Problem - Sex Scandals while in Office -
  • Fix - "Hey! America!  Give it up, already!  The Emperor of Japan laughed at us, LAUGHED, because there was so much hooplah over Clinton getting a blow job from an ugly woman!"  Yes, the man lied, but he lied only becuase there was so much BS being put on him for these actions.  I am dead certain that Lewinski was intelligent enough and 'experienced' enough to know the difference between sexual harrasment and consentual sex between adults.
  • Problem - Gay Marriage/Rights - Many don't like the idea of it and want federal laws banning it.
  • Fix - Read your Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Emancipation Proclimation and Bible with all with the same level of enthusiasm.  Then shut up and sit down when I DON'T read YOUR Bible but some other belief.  All four of these documents grants us the freedoms and makes us responsible for the freedoms of others to seek happiness.  It does not gurantee us the right TO happiness, just the freedom to seek it out.
  • Problem - Abortion
  • Fix - See above
  • Problem - Loss of Jobs in America - 'Good paying jobs are getting harder and harder to find'
  • Fix - Stop sending OUR jobs out of country.  Stop giving companies that outsource work to foreign lands federal tax credits and breaks for breaking the working spirit of our nation.
  • Problem - 'The War on Drugs' - Stopping the trafficing, produciton, sale and use of illicit drugs
  • Fix - Legalize drugs.  Make them available to people who want them, tax the crap out of them, and persons who use drugs get ONE and ONLY ONE shot at state covered drug treatment.  After that, they forfeit ALL rights to citizenship and the benefits there of.
  • Problem - The Growing Anti-American Sentiment around the world
  • Fix - Stop meddling.  Bring ALL of our troops home.  Call all debts to our nation by other nations 'due'.  Some country gets hit with a natural disaster?  Leave them alone to solve it themselves.  After all, how many of them came forward to help with Hurricane Katrina?
  • Problem - Illegal Aliens 
  • Fix - All those troops that just came home?  Put them on the borders, two armed soldiers ever 100 meters.  A second 'line' of soldiers 1/2 mile back from the border, again, spaced two every 50 meters.  Give them all live amunition, the best night vision equipment and ORDER them to defend themselves and their nation agianst intruders.  The first line is to attempt to turn back or capture 'those trying to break and enter into our nation.  The second line is to have orders to shoot to kill anyone NOT in specific avenues of travel and not identified by radio communications.  Make it even easier on these soldiers, anyone attempting to cross the borders (north and south) after dark is shot on sight.  Period.  NO questions asked.  If you are out there in the dark, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Any soldier found guilty of colluding with the 'enemy infiltrators' are found guilty of high treason and executed, loudly, if not publically.
  • Problem - Complicated, Unreasonable Taxation
  • Fix - Flat tax of a given percentage.  Say 10%.  Flat.  If you recieve money for ANYTHING or ANY SERVICE performed, you pay a flat tax on it.  If people want to 'avoid' paying taxes, they are free to use the barter system for physical items.  Anything not physically represented, care, repair services, rent, etc has to be paid for with currency.  Only physical items can be 'bartered'.  If you are a hunter and barter a 7 point buck for a three story house in the middle of Manhattan, congratulations.  Damned good deal.  Do you have a copy of the license used for bagging that buck, please?  And did you pay, in cash, and taxed accrodingly, the notary for the transfer of deed and ownership services?

Will this make America a utopia?  NO.
Will this make America a Libertarian Paradise?  NO.
Will this make America anything?  NO.
Will you actually be able to again taste freedom?  As an American, YES.


Testing new Firefox plugin for Blogging called ScribeFire

This is just a test of this new and interesting tool.

I will delete this entry once I have finished with my initial testing.


On the right side of the 2nd amendment

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming:

JIM MYERS World Washington Bureau has written an article I found promising, but am afraid it is too little, too late.

U.S. Rep. Dan Boren, a board member of the National Rifle Association, announced Wednesday he will serve as co-chairman of a new task force on gun rights.

More details are available here: http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/article.aspx?subjectid=11&articleid=20090225_11_0_WASHIN825829&allcom=1

I guess Dan is going to be fighting an uphill battle. When you get a chance, send him an encouraging note. Let's start an Encouragement Campaign. OH! GAAAAH! I'm starting to sound like a ... a ... uh, Community Organizer.

Anyway, seriously though, folks, we really should let these people know if we are behind them, or not. I am all abotu keeping my second amendment right. I'm all abotu keeping my life my own and being able to protect it. So, this weekend, I wil lbe sending unique and individual hand written letters to each of these people, encouraging them and providing my support:

U.S. Rep. Dan Boren, Republican, Oklahoma
Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia, Republican
Rob Bishop of Utah, Republican
John Boozman of Arkansas, Republican
Steve King of Iowa, Republican
Steve Scalise of Louisiana, Republican
Rep. Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania, Democrat
Travis Childers of Mississippi, Democrat
Brad Ellsworth of Indiana, Democrat
Jim Matheson of Utah, Democrat
Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, Democrat

Too fat

I diced to walk to the video store, one morning last week. It was only about 3 blocks, round trip, and I was winded and tired and my legs were cramping, especially my calf muscles.

At 5' 9" and 250# I carry a heavy spare tire.

So, I have decided to try something a bit different. Slow small adjustments to my lifestyle. As an example, I have started by cutting back on my soda intake. I can't stand the taste of the diet stuff. The 240 calories in a single bottle, and having 3 to 5 bottles a day puts a lot of unnecessary sugar into my system. I started this about 9 days ago. With limiting myself to only one soda a day, and that with 'dinner', which I have been having at home more often (I hate doing the dishes), I expect my weight will slowly start to drop.

To ensure such slow, gentle weightloss, I will be exercising more. Little things, like parking way out in the parking lot, taking the stairs, etc. I've got to change something.

And now for the mandatory governmental snark:

Of course, this is all just training for the change I will be left from my pay checks, with Obama the Master of Spening bilding a stimulus.


Why be POTUS?

Test of Presidential Qualifications

Why would you be willing to spend millions of dollars (some it actually your own) to become POTUS? After all the gig only pays about $400,000.00*. Granted there are a few perks, such as:

a $50,000.00 expense account
a $100,000.00 non-taxable travel account
and $19,000.00 for entertainment

There is also that retired presidential pension. The one that has been tied to the then current administration's cabinet secretaries (Executive Level 1). For 2008, that is just under $200,000.00. Does not sound very fiscally responsible, yet you want to manage our economy.

So, as an enterprising individual, presumably already flush with cash (how else could you afford to run an election campaign?), why?

The pay is not that great. The retirement package is decent, the pension is not bad.

I can see only TWO reasons to WANT to be POTUS.

The first is a sense of pride and duty. As a calling to serve your nation and the ideals our fore fathers started with.

Secondly, influence is often worth much, much more valuable than dollars and cents.

So, in a nut shell, to desire to be POTUS is to put a sign around your neck stating you are either crazed by out dated and no longer sociably acceptable ideologies (by current standards).


You are a dirty, filthy, rotten, power hungry scumbag who sees themselves as better than the rest because the rest can be bought, silenced or manipulated to believing you are a NOT a dirty, filthy, rotten, power hungry scumbag.

So, which is it, Mr. Obama? Which are you? The crazed zealot or the scumbag? And what of you, Mr. McCain? Which are you? Oh, and if anyone can find him, ask Ralph Nader the same question.


* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President_of_the_United_States


Responsibility of Citizenship

Responsibility of Citizenship

Long ago, I read a book by Robert A. Heinlein called Starship Troopers. You may recall several years ago a movie was made based upon the story of that book. The movie sucked. Denise Richards was hot in it, as she still had a look of innocence about her eyes. Now, well, she just looks like a Charlie Sheen one night date. And not a very expensive one at that. The other girl in the movie was hotter, in my opinion. She was hot when she played in Johnny Mnemonic. Anyway, I'm not here to discourse on movies or actors/actresses. That will be saved for yet another day.

Back to the story line.

In the story, the planet was under attack by an intelligent and alien 'bug race'. There was a single military and government for the planet. As I recall it was loosely based on a Democratic Republic. Kind of what the US is now, only ... different and in some ways, better. Continuing with my fading memories the book filled in missing details about the form of government in action on the planet earth. One of which was a person was a subject, unless they had served. Now the movie pushed that service had to be in the military, however, the book stated service only had to be to mankind. Civil services, medical services, military, and so on, were considered appropriate. Without that service record, you were not a Citizen. Therefore you were not a part of the electoral body. Without Citizenship, you had no word in how things were run. Oh, and being a politician was NOT a form of service. That was a form of continuing service, after already becoming a citizen. Citizenship also paid for advanced education, such as college. No citizenship, you had to pay for it yourself.

Maybe Master Heinlein had something there.

Think about it a moment. Regardless of your political views or religious beliefs, there is something positive here. Through service to others persons learned a common language to express responsibility to the whole of society, regardless of differences. Through service, respect was more easily given and received, because of self worth and value. Through this service, bigotry was set aside, because you must learn to support and accept support from those who are different. But most importantly, if you did not serve, you have no right to gripe about the current situation.

Kind of like the past presidential election for our falling nation. If you did not vote, regardless of who you voted for, you have absolutely no room to grouse about the current administration. I voted. I continue to vote with e-mails, hand written letters and phone calls to the people elected into office to represent me. I must have sent more than 70 messages against the recently passed trillion dollar, plus spending/taxation bill. But each of those calls, e-mails and letters were a vote.

People, just because the election is over, you still have to vote. The ancient Greeks tried to develop an open democracy where all persons of a certain stature of society were allowed to vote, but they were expected or required to vote almost weekly, as I recall my ancient history instruction. They soon learned that a republic made more sense. Representatives were chosen from an area to represent that area. And here started the corruption.

But back to the initial point of this posting, Get off your widening backside and partake, or shut up. I'm tired of hearing about how you are not represented. If you want representation, then VOTE, dammit!

That is all.



Funny for the Morning

An associate of mine has contacted me regarding this blog. She wants to know how I can be such a conservative and still consider my self a pagan.

To which I will respond publicly:

I am not a just a Pagan. I consider myself to be a 'Militant Pagan'.

I walk the paths and the trails that are not safe so that others may follow without fear.

I ask the hard questions and search for the painful answers.

I go out and seek the truth for myself, rather than have someone else's truths be fed to me.

I also consider myself to be a Citizen, not only of this land but of this world where my actions (or inaction) will have an effect on everything I know.

But above all else I am an independent mind, capable of thinking for myself, deducing truths and setting aside lies and doubts.

Come on out of the pool, the air is fine.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

I've been a follower of the Linux community for a long time. We often times are fighting FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) as spread by the marketing of closed source, commercial software.
To fight FUD, we often have to dig beneath the fluff of the shillers and expose the truth beneath to the light of scrutiny. usually we find that there is no truth, once visible.

I'm seeing much the same from our current and new administration.

I have not had time to research it, but I would truly enjoy reading true documentation of Obama's lies. I am not referring to the lies he made about his life, his past or his heritage. Instead I would like to know his promises from his campaign that have been broken and how long into ofice they lasted. It is my understanding that some of his campaign promises did not even last until inauguration.

Of course, if he were to say something like:

"People of America, during the election campaign I made a promise to reduce government wasteful spending. Unfortunately, since taking office, I have learned there is no way to stop this government's cycle of fruitless, corrupt and incorrigible spending practices. In light of that, I have developed this plan to buy your loyalty, none-the-less. My plan is actually quite simple. All you unemployed, all the terminally addicted to welfare and those of you who would rather sponge than work, I am going to buy your love and loyalty by increasing spending so I, too, can leave my mark on America.

I will increase the spending of the welfare system by negotiating lower interest rates on your homes. But you will only qulaify for this if you odn't work.

I will provide you with free health care, unless you actually work.

I will ensure that you don't lose your house becasue you have no income, by providing you with welfare.

I will take care of you and your sick, your ailing and your children.

I can do this, because I see this as how our community, the community of America needs to be organized."

Of course to say somethign like that would be the truth and as a politician Father Obama does not have the spine to stand up and give it straight to the people.

Here is the second part of the challenge: Prove me wrong.

Give me solid, irrefutable, logical proof and arguments that Tovarisch Obama is not increasing the speed with which this republic is rotting, from the inside out. Prove me wrong, and I might, just might consider converting. But bring a lunch, I've got a lifetime of arguments against solcialism.



Subject versus Citizen

A realistic question for you:

If an unarmed person is 'subject' of their government and an armed person is a 'citizen' to their government, which would you rather be? A person 'subject' to the whims of the masses, the government and the corruption? Or a 'citizen' who is a part of their society, helping guide and drive their nation in good times and bad?

Myself? I'm a Citizen. That is with the capital 'C'.

More on Citizenship, later tonight, in another post.



The Fall of America



America did not fall because of an increase of "Moral Decrepitude" but instead by a constant bombardment and loss of civil liberties and freedoms. For decades I have been 'held accountable' and paid for the 'criminal acts' of people who I never met. People who held slaves, not all of whom were black. But, I still pay my taxes a part of which goes to such generous and equal entities as the National Negro College Fund. A mind IS a terrible thing to waste. So is a strong work ethic. Where is MY National Whitey College Fund? See how long the ACLU and the NAACP would let THAT one exist!

... and while I'm on a roll ...

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) was right in their decision on Heller vs. DC. The 2nd Amendment is for the individual NOT a state to maintain arms. People, don't forget WHEN the 2nd Amendment was written. It was written right after Washington and the boys kicked the British right in the soft spot. If there had been a ban on firearm ownership THEN, would we be Free, NOW? Hell no! So why the hell should I be expected to give up the same tools THEY used set themselves Free? The tool is not evil. The tool does not kill people. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! If you want to stop thugs from killing thugs on the streets (the same thugs the Brady Bunch call "kids", by the way) then ban being a thug, not the tool they used!

If you take away guns from the gernal populace only the government and the criminals will have guns. I should use a strikeout font on the word 'government' in that sentence. To take away an American's right to self defense is a criminal act. Read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and your Bill of Rights. These documents define and protect the freedoms that we, as Americans enjoy.

"A people should not fear their government, the government should fear the people."

... and STILL rolling ...

Would someone start telling the Main Stream Media (MSM) that THEY helped create this mess? They wanted the kudos and the history limelight of covering such a monumental event of a black man being elected to the highest office of the land, they did not CARE who it was, or if he was QUALIFIED, just that he was charismatic and black. Mr. Obama certainly meets their low requirements. I don't blame the masses that voted for Tovarisch Obama, they were only following along where their sheppard, the MSM, was leading them. Oh, and Fox News! Good try, nice to see how you dropped the ball, the DAY AFTER THE ELECTION! Go ahead and fall in lock step, why don't you!

For the last week I have been fighting a flu bug, or a really bad cold. It does not matter which it was, I was ill. Now, I am sick. I am terrified of where this nation is going. I am terrified of the precipice we are running towards, at full steam. Lady Liberty is toppling, the republic is falling.

I am thankful I have no children. That is my contribution to the future. Fewer people to carry the burden of the errors of this administration's follies.

Mister Obama promised change, and he is delivering it. In great large buckets. All of which are labeled 'Hope'.

The Obama Stimulus Plan

The Obama Stimulus Plan a.k.a Democratic Party Stimulus Act

Nearly $1 Trillion to 'save' our economy.

$1 billion for Amtrak, the federal railroad that hasn’t turned a profit in 40 years

$2 billion for child-care subsidies

$50 million for that great engine of job creation, the National Endowment for the Arts

$400 million for global-warming research (damn you Gore!)

$2.4 billion for carbon-capture demonstration projects

$650 million on top of the billions already doled out to pay for digital TV conversion coupons

$20 billion for business tax cuts

$600 million on new cars for federal agencies

$54 billion will go to federal programs that the Office of Management and Budget or the Government Accountability Office have already criticized as “ineffective” or unable to pass basic financial audits. These include the Economic Development Administration, the Small Business Administration, the 10 federal job training programs, and many more.

$66 billion Department of Education

$6 billion for colleges/universities – many which have billion dollar endowments.

$44 million for repairs to U.S. Department of Agriculture headquarters.

$136+ billion for 32 more government agencies. That means more than a third of this plan’s spending provisions are dedicated to creating new government programs

The House Democrats’ bill will cost each and every household $6,700 in additional debt, paid for by our children and grandchildren

$30 billion of the bill – or three percent – is for road and highway spending

$1 billion for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) – a program that already has $16 billion on hand

2.7 percent, or $22.3 billion of the overall package, is dedicated to small business tax relief

$90 billion out of the $825 billion, or about 12 cents of every $1, is for something that can plausibly be considered a growth stimulus.

Plus interst! Roughly another $300 billion between 2009 and 2019 to pay for it all!

Final vote: 244-188. It was 242-190 moments before they gaveled it — with every last Republican voting no

"Great Nations fall becasue of the greed of the leaders, elected by the 'bought majority', and the apathy of the taxed." -- P.B.

"Meet the Main Stream Media, the P.R. firm of the Obama Administration."

Maybe it is time to 'defect' back into the hills of Kentucky, the land of my roots. Come out again in a few years and see how the nation and the world are doing. Decide then if the lunacy is over or not. Definitely somethign to think about.