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On the right side of the 2nd amendment

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming:

JIM MYERS World Washington Bureau has written an article I found promising, but am afraid it is too little, too late.

U.S. Rep. Dan Boren, a board member of the National Rifle Association, announced Wednesday he will serve as co-chairman of a new task force on gun rights.

More details are available here: http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/article.aspx?subjectid=11&articleid=20090225_11_0_WASHIN825829&allcom=1

I guess Dan is going to be fighting an uphill battle. When you get a chance, send him an encouraging note. Let's start an Encouragement Campaign. OH! GAAAAH! I'm starting to sound like a ... a ... uh, Community Organizer.

Anyway, seriously though, folks, we really should let these people know if we are behind them, or not. I am all abotu keeping my second amendment right. I'm all abotu keeping my life my own and being able to protect it. So, this weekend, I wil lbe sending unique and individual hand written letters to each of these people, encouraging them and providing my support:

U.S. Rep. Dan Boren, Republican, Oklahoma
Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia, Republican
Rob Bishop of Utah, Republican
John Boozman of Arkansas, Republican
Steve King of Iowa, Republican
Steve Scalise of Louisiana, Republican
Rep. Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania, Democrat
Travis Childers of Mississippi, Democrat
Brad Ellsworth of Indiana, Democrat
Jim Matheson of Utah, Democrat
Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, Democrat

Too fat

I diced to walk to the video store, one morning last week. It was only about 3 blocks, round trip, and I was winded and tired and my legs were cramping, especially my calf muscles.

At 5' 9" and 250# I carry a heavy spare tire.

So, I have decided to try something a bit different. Slow small adjustments to my lifestyle. As an example, I have started by cutting back on my soda intake. I can't stand the taste of the diet stuff. The 240 calories in a single bottle, and having 3 to 5 bottles a day puts a lot of unnecessary sugar into my system. I started this about 9 days ago. With limiting myself to only one soda a day, and that with 'dinner', which I have been having at home more often (I hate doing the dishes), I expect my weight will slowly start to drop.

To ensure such slow, gentle weightloss, I will be exercising more. Little things, like parking way out in the parking lot, taking the stairs, etc. I've got to change something.

And now for the mandatory governmental snark:

Of course, this is all just training for the change I will be left from my pay checks, with Obama the Master of Spening bilding a stimulus.


Why be POTUS?

Test of Presidential Qualifications

Why would you be willing to spend millions of dollars (some it actually your own) to become POTUS? After all the gig only pays about $400,000.00*. Granted there are a few perks, such as:

a $50,000.00 expense account
a $100,000.00 non-taxable travel account
and $19,000.00 for entertainment

There is also that retired presidential pension. The one that has been tied to the then current administration's cabinet secretaries (Executive Level 1). For 2008, that is just under $200,000.00. Does not sound very fiscally responsible, yet you want to manage our economy.

So, as an enterprising individual, presumably already flush with cash (how else could you afford to run an election campaign?), why?

The pay is not that great. The retirement package is decent, the pension is not bad.

I can see only TWO reasons to WANT to be POTUS.

The first is a sense of pride and duty. As a calling to serve your nation and the ideals our fore fathers started with.

Secondly, influence is often worth much, much more valuable than dollars and cents.

So, in a nut shell, to desire to be POTUS is to put a sign around your neck stating you are either crazed by out dated and no longer sociably acceptable ideologies (by current standards).


You are a dirty, filthy, rotten, power hungry scumbag who sees themselves as better than the rest because the rest can be bought, silenced or manipulated to believing you are a NOT a dirty, filthy, rotten, power hungry scumbag.

So, which is it, Mr. Obama? Which are you? The crazed zealot or the scumbag? And what of you, Mr. McCain? Which are you? Oh, and if anyone can find him, ask Ralph Nader the same question.


* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President_of_the_United_States


Responsibility of Citizenship

Responsibility of Citizenship

Long ago, I read a book by Robert A. Heinlein called Starship Troopers. You may recall several years ago a movie was made based upon the story of that book. The movie sucked. Denise Richards was hot in it, as she still had a look of innocence about her eyes. Now, well, she just looks like a Charlie Sheen one night date. And not a very expensive one at that. The other girl in the movie was hotter, in my opinion. She was hot when she played in Johnny Mnemonic. Anyway, I'm not here to discourse on movies or actors/actresses. That will be saved for yet another day.

Back to the story line.

In the story, the planet was under attack by an intelligent and alien 'bug race'. There was a single military and government for the planet. As I recall it was loosely based on a Democratic Republic. Kind of what the US is now, only ... different and in some ways, better. Continuing with my fading memories the book filled in missing details about the form of government in action on the planet earth. One of which was a person was a subject, unless they had served. Now the movie pushed that service had to be in the military, however, the book stated service only had to be to mankind. Civil services, medical services, military, and so on, were considered appropriate. Without that service record, you were not a Citizen. Therefore you were not a part of the electoral body. Without Citizenship, you had no word in how things were run. Oh, and being a politician was NOT a form of service. That was a form of continuing service, after already becoming a citizen. Citizenship also paid for advanced education, such as college. No citizenship, you had to pay for it yourself.

Maybe Master Heinlein had something there.

Think about it a moment. Regardless of your political views or religious beliefs, there is something positive here. Through service to others persons learned a common language to express responsibility to the whole of society, regardless of differences. Through service, respect was more easily given and received, because of self worth and value. Through this service, bigotry was set aside, because you must learn to support and accept support from those who are different. But most importantly, if you did not serve, you have no right to gripe about the current situation.

Kind of like the past presidential election for our falling nation. If you did not vote, regardless of who you voted for, you have absolutely no room to grouse about the current administration. I voted. I continue to vote with e-mails, hand written letters and phone calls to the people elected into office to represent me. I must have sent more than 70 messages against the recently passed trillion dollar, plus spending/taxation bill. But each of those calls, e-mails and letters were a vote.

People, just because the election is over, you still have to vote. The ancient Greeks tried to develop an open democracy where all persons of a certain stature of society were allowed to vote, but they were expected or required to vote almost weekly, as I recall my ancient history instruction. They soon learned that a republic made more sense. Representatives were chosen from an area to represent that area. And here started the corruption.

But back to the initial point of this posting, Get off your widening backside and partake, or shut up. I'm tired of hearing about how you are not represented. If you want representation, then VOTE, dammit!

That is all.



Funny for the Morning

An associate of mine has contacted me regarding this blog. She wants to know how I can be such a conservative and still consider my self a pagan.

To which I will respond publicly:

I am not a just a Pagan. I consider myself to be a 'Militant Pagan'.

I walk the paths and the trails that are not safe so that others may follow without fear.

I ask the hard questions and search for the painful answers.

I go out and seek the truth for myself, rather than have someone else's truths be fed to me.

I also consider myself to be a Citizen, not only of this land but of this world where my actions (or inaction) will have an effect on everything I know.

But above all else I am an independent mind, capable of thinking for myself, deducing truths and setting aside lies and doubts.

Come on out of the pool, the air is fine.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

I've been a follower of the Linux community for a long time. We often times are fighting FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) as spread by the marketing of closed source, commercial software.
To fight FUD, we often have to dig beneath the fluff of the shillers and expose the truth beneath to the light of scrutiny. usually we find that there is no truth, once visible.

I'm seeing much the same from our current and new administration.

I have not had time to research it, but I would truly enjoy reading true documentation of Obama's lies. I am not referring to the lies he made about his life, his past or his heritage. Instead I would like to know his promises from his campaign that have been broken and how long into ofice they lasted. It is my understanding that some of his campaign promises did not even last until inauguration.

Of course, if he were to say something like:

"People of America, during the election campaign I made a promise to reduce government wasteful spending. Unfortunately, since taking office, I have learned there is no way to stop this government's cycle of fruitless, corrupt and incorrigible spending practices. In light of that, I have developed this plan to buy your loyalty, none-the-less. My plan is actually quite simple. All you unemployed, all the terminally addicted to welfare and those of you who would rather sponge than work, I am going to buy your love and loyalty by increasing spending so I, too, can leave my mark on America.

I will increase the spending of the welfare system by negotiating lower interest rates on your homes. But you will only qulaify for this if you odn't work.

I will provide you with free health care, unless you actually work.

I will ensure that you don't lose your house becasue you have no income, by providing you with welfare.

I will take care of you and your sick, your ailing and your children.

I can do this, because I see this as how our community, the community of America needs to be organized."

Of course to say somethign like that would be the truth and as a politician Father Obama does not have the spine to stand up and give it straight to the people.

Here is the second part of the challenge: Prove me wrong.

Give me solid, irrefutable, logical proof and arguments that Tovarisch Obama is not increasing the speed with which this republic is rotting, from the inside out. Prove me wrong, and I might, just might consider converting. But bring a lunch, I've got a lifetime of arguments against solcialism.



Subject versus Citizen

A realistic question for you:

If an unarmed person is 'subject' of their government and an armed person is a 'citizen' to their government, which would you rather be? A person 'subject' to the whims of the masses, the government and the corruption? Or a 'citizen' who is a part of their society, helping guide and drive their nation in good times and bad?

Myself? I'm a Citizen. That is with the capital 'C'.

More on Citizenship, later tonight, in another post.