The Obama!

What a bloody crock of filth and unadulterated thieving scum!

"redistribution of wealth" my fat, sweaty, hairy ass. Stalin and Lenin both supported the ideologies of distributed wealth, until it came to their wealth going out to others.

So, the Obamanator's great plan is to take the monies from those of us that work to make a living to pay for others to not have to work. He has been spouting that our taxes will not go up. I know just enough people to represent a rough sampling for a cross-section. This was not very scientific, but I will post what was discovered here, anyway.

20 people were asked:

1. If you had free healthcare, free rent, free food and free cable, would you keep your current or any job? 6 said no, 12 said yes, 2 asked if cigarettes would be free, too.

2. Do you believe Obama can honestly keep from raising taxes on your work earned dollar and still pay for the increased costs of his healthcare plan? 9 said yes, 11 said no.

3. Will Obama try to take the guns and destroy the history of the 2nd Amendment? 17 said yes, 3 said no.

4. Should Obama take the guns? 14 yes, 5 no's and one 'only if it will mean I can sleep better knowing only cops and criminals have guns'

5. If Obama denies our 2nd Amendment Rights, will he also narrow our other rights and freedoms? 18 yes, 2 no's.

6. Will the teachings of Rev. Wright effect Mr. Obama's decisions? 20 of 20 stated 'yes'.

I so wish I had the essentials to leave this country, if Obama is elected. I'm not sure where else I could or would go. Every other 'free' nation has become or is becoming a nanny state.


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