Club Astarte

"Welcome, Friends. Welcome, Brothers. Welcome, Sisters." almost shouting, George was greeting the newest visitors in to The Church. George is a great greater, a large man, though vertically challenged, he has a presence of warmth and welcoming that works very well as a greeter slash usher. "George, Please start encouraging patrons to visit the private sessionals." comes an anonymous voice through his government issue look-alike ear piece. With a scowl, followed quickly by a smile and fake cough behind his hand, George turns away from the procession of guests to mutter into his wrist cuff. "I know, I know. I'm getting there. Now back off, Cheryl, and let me do what I do." "BEEEEEP" was the only and very loud response George got back. "Welcome, Brother, Welcome! How have you been, Brother Shawn? We have not seen you, here in The Church, for a long time. Have you been well?" George picks up, choosing a complete stranger. "I'm sorry, I'm not this 'Brother Shawn' you mention. I've never been here, before," stated the stranger. "Oh, My. Oh, uhm, Sorry about that, Brother. You could be the twin for Brother Shawn. I could have sworn to Aphrodite, herself that you were Shawn. Well, Welcome! Welcome to our House of Life and Love. Tell me, Brother, Shawn is a fighter, a Warrior Of Life. Are you a Warrior Of Life, too? Or perhaps you are a Lover Of Life? How can I guide you, today, my friend?" George starts pressing this new comer to The Church. With a wave, another Greeter takes over for George, as his other hand goes across the shoulders of the new comer, getting a grasp of physical condition, feel of the cloth of his jacket, and an opportunity to get in close and smell the man. All important aspects of judging which celebration the newcomer would be most comfortable in. "Uhm, uh, I .. uhm. I don't know. I was told be a friend to come here. He told me that I should visit here. He told me I'm too up tight. Stressed. And visiting here would do a great deal for me. Or so he said. I'm not sure what this place is. "That is great! We do have many ways to help the trodden stand taller. Relaxation is a critical part of any stress management program, and we have many programs here. What is your name, Brother, and what do you do that has you so stressed? Perhaps I can help you locate the correct Acolyte or Trainee to get started on your path to happiness? And I'm George, here. Call me Brother George, or just George, if that makes you more comfortable." George says in a silky warm and flowing manner. "I'm Alan. Alan Zimmerman. I'm a computer programmer. I spend all day in a cubicle programming ATM's for the new retinal scanners the Government has required to cut down on fraud. What is this place?", Alan says with both pride and then fearful curiosity. "This" states George with a grand sweep of his hand, "is our Church of Aphrodite. You remember how things were, just a few years ago? How the whole world was in a mess? Iran and Israel about to turn each other in glowing glass parking lots? How the Conservatives were taking the country away from the Liberals? America's Ambassador's being killed off in foreign lands? Former President Obama's plans to unify the people of our nation under a Socially Correct banner for happiness and survival? Well, that is when Aphrodite came back to us. First, here in Las Vegas, of all places. Then, she started reaching out to other cities. Now we have over 300 Member Community Churches across the nation. We are giving a focus for those who would fight, giving them a vent for their anger, aggression and even skills. And for others, like you and I, we have the love of others to help us, support us as we support others through the day to day mundane." George starts in, gently, compellingly bringing Alan into the fold. George is nothing, if not a top-rate con-man. "I remember something about you guys doing something with the old MMA and wrestling shows. Taking over and combining the two sports into one ... what? I never really understood that." Alan asks, humbly and uncomfortably. "Always the engineer, right, Alan? Always with questions for all the little queer things that just don't fit?" George says, again smiling brightly and widely. "It is questions that like that which lead to your stress and tension. I think I know just who you need to speak with. Let's see if you can find Acolyte Nicki. Though only an Acolyte, she will be taking her vows, soon, she is one of our best emoto-counselors. I'm certain talking with her will help you relax. I believe her study room is just up here and around the corner. Shall we go meet Nicki, Alan? I'm sure she will be happy to meet you." George redirects the conversation, again ...

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