When Crockett met Bunce

I do so wish I could get ALL of our government officials to read this. I know there are SOME government agencies DESIGNED to spend our money (the DOD comes to mind), and there are other agencies meant to collect our money (IRS), the rest of the government should be about protecting our money, our properties, our lives and ourselves.

My grandma used to tell me that giving is best when it comes from the heart, and it means more if your gift to another comes from a little of your pain. At the time she was only teaching me it is better to spend my time and energies MAKING her a birthday gift than to just go out and BUY her something. The pain is the true price a gift has and it is different for each of us. The people in power (the one's WE as a nation PUT there) have no value for our money or for the pain it cost us to earn it. They have no understanding of the value we put to our sweat and to our energies. This is proven by the collected wealth of the nation they give away to those among us and beside us who either do not understand the pain it is they take from us or the depreciation their lifestyle of a free ride has upon the worth of our pain.

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