America the Great, America the Beautiful, America the Cornucopia of Welfare

America the Great, America the Beautiful, America the Cornucopia of Welfare


1.government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
2.a state having such a form of government: The United States and Canada are democracies.
3.a state of society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges.
4.political or social equality; democratic spirit.
5.the common people of a community as distinguished from any privileged class; the common people with respect to their political power.

A democracy is a from of government where mob rule becomes the law of the land.

Mob Rule:

control or government by a gang, often of violent criminals; also called ochlocracy

Our nation has become a democracy of the worst kind. "Water will find it's own level" is a statement a high school physics teacher used, often, to describe various functions of fluids. I believe that same statement is equally accurate in describing myself and my 'countrymen'.

Effects of a democracy/ochlocracy/mob rule government:
Government led by, voted for and managed by the lowest common denominator of the populace
Property rights are negated as a communal attitude takes over the populace as the working class shrinks in number and is forced to increase production
Law will be determined by the masses. Deliberation will be set aside as the masses are whipped into frenzies that permits the governing by impulse, passion, prejudice and no regard for consequences of actions without restraints

Illegal Immigration is currently a very hot subject. There are many different standpoints, but for the sake of this argument we will use the simple argument of "they are here illegally" versus the argument of "They came looking for the better life your ancestors came her for"

We have many illegal 'immigrants' (aliens) within our borders. Some people estimate millions. These same illegals are siphoning off the tax dollars of the American people (more on this statement, later). They are committing crimes, both high and low profile. Many are criminals in their Latin America home country, either run out by a citizenry tired of them, or they are here looking for fresh flocks of lambs. And there are also those that come to our land, just to have their offspring as legal citizens by being born here. We offer to these same people free medical at a higher quality than is available in their home, and yet our own unemployed or underemployed are still billed for the services of the hospital. These parents now have a legal reason to be on our soil, their child is a citizen of this nation and is therefore covered by our rights. These very same persons who decided to break the law in order to become covered and protected by those same laws.

Not all of these immigrants are criminals. Many are contributing to our society doing the work that many Americans consider too low. (more on this, later, as well) When your ancestors arrived, they did not have all to go through the same steps and processes in place, today. Many landed by boat at Ellis Island, singed a few forms and went to their new homes where there was family to help them get started. Many of these immigrants don't have family to go to, or if they do, there is no easy way to communicate with them, because so many of those are illegal, as well. And of course they would want to have their children here, and educated here and given the opportunity to excel and grow and succeed. These parents are wanting to provide a better life for these children than is possible in their homeland.

Do these two arguments sound about right? Do you see or hear any similarity with previous changes to our social laws? Perhaps a reminder, Proclamation Emancipation? Following Lincoln's freeing of the slaves, many of these same arguments were repeated. "They are unclean." "They are uneducated." "They are lawless barbaric heathens" "They have no skills or ability to care for themselves." The arguments may sound similar, but I believe the current situation is not so much about race as it is money. I will admit, I do not want the illegals living in the same apartment complex as I do. I say this NOT because I have a racial prejudice, but I will admit to having a LEGAL prejudice.

"Legal Prejudice? Prejudice of any kind is not legal. It is counter to the very foundation of this nation."

Thank you for tripping the trap. There are many grounds for both law based prejudices and legal prejudices. I prefer Ford over Chevy. That is a prejudice. I prefer steak houses rather than burrito stands for dinner (although I do enjoy a good burrito). But more importantly I am prejudiced to in wanting to live in a safe, sane and sound environment. In metropolitan areas the unemployed/unemployable/criminal element of the 'illegal sub-culture' tend to gather together, congregating, setting up a turf and implementing many illegal methods of personal income. Excuse me for being prejudiced against persons in this country illegally. My ancestors came through the front door and that door was easier to get through, then. This is now. The rules of the game have changed. They (the illegals) often times know more about U.S immigration laws than our basic citizenry.

A recent discussion with an in-law turned a bit heated on this very subject. I was asked how I, as a formerly convicted felon, cannot sympathize with these people breaking the law to make a better life for themselves. My reply was short. "I have no sympathy for them because I WAS convicted, served my time, and paid for my crime. They do not." As the argument continued, based on the preface of being good Christians it is our duty and responsibility to take care of these less able or less fortunate. Being citizens and successful in our chosen jobs and careers we have a moral obligation to help those less priveleged. Less priviledged? OK. Let's see you help these less privileged. Why don't you drive around in your brand new car, and the first illegal family you find, you sign that car over to them? It's yours. You paid for it. Help them with this considerable donation of assistance. Oh, and don't be surprised when they ask for gas money, too. Argument over.

This is just an example of what our nation has become. Those that have want to keep what they have. Those that don't have covet the things the others have. Those of us in the middle? We end up paying for it all. The "Have's" usually have better roads, more efficient and effective police forces. The "Have Not's" are living in slums or criminal infested housing. Both the higher security for the wealthy and the assistance to the less wealthy are paid for with the sweat and work and blood and near tireless resolve of the middle.

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Our politicians have become tools of the lobbyists and the special interest groups. Many of the special interest groups are ran by well meaning persons wanting to help others. Or they start out that way. And somewhere along the way their efforts get corrupted and suddenly they realize they are a part of the very machine they were fighting against. The non-speaking majority of this nation needs a rallying point. A person of character they can stand behind. One that (at least says) he/she understands our situation and wants to help US. I have yet to hear of one that has a snowball's chance in Hades. Good decent people do not make good decent politicians. The current form of politician in this country is a vile and malicious creature who is easily swayed by personal gain and public opinion. Yes i am over generalizing, but if the coat is blue, say it is blue, not some other name to describe it as almost blue. The moral fiber of this nation is reflected in our leadership. Between the 'socialistic liberals', the 'theopublicans', the 'dimocrits' and various other wanna-bees there is no leadership. Our nation will always stay divided, swayed and controlled by those swaying and controlling the representatives we put in office. Most Americans would not know a leader with a spine, an ability to understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and a moral compass that points to a target of America the Great, version 2.0.

Instead of this mythical figure of a real leader, we have the likes of Giuliani, Hillary, Obama, Bush version 2.0, and Thompson. Giuliani is riding the 9/11 bandwagon of fame to try to get into the oval office. Hillary believes that the women of her villages will elect her and that she can buy enough other votes with her efforts to socialize health care and other efforts to purchase freedom away from Americans. Obama is there on the Black Power scapegoat. Bush is on his way out as both a success and a failure. And Thompson? What can we say about Fred? He wants to be Reagan, but Reagan did something Fred does not seem able to do. Make a decision. Take a stand on a platform and ride that stand all the way through. Reagan did it. He told America when he was running for President what his beliefs were and how he wanted to handle the crisis the then president had to handle. And we had pretty much the same Reagan leave office, still supporting and standing to most of the beliefs that got him elected. May Mr. Reagan rest in peace and be favored by those that write history.

And now we are back to the original purpose of this essay. The Illegal Immigrant Issue is what I started off with, and I will end with it. None of the above listed politicians still running for office are valid runners. Not one of them has given an answer to the illegal immigrant issue that satisfies the needs for security in this nation, yet still provides those that wish a legal entrance an easy and honorable way in. Is this the issue of the next term or is the war in iraq going to be the deciding factor? Will we open our gates and doors to anyone able to walk or swim a river? Or will we find a reasonable solution? How would you answer these issues if you were the one to run? Granted not all facets of these issues has been covered here, but think on it. If these were the full and complete details how would you 'fix' them?



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