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On Marko's blog he posted about his dislike for the upcoming handout for people whose TV's will soon stop working. This is due to the FCC's mandate that all TV Transmissions go to digital, rather than the much broader and higher bandwidth using analog transmissions so many of us are accustomed to.

In the comments section...

Dion said...

I never realized there were so many people that felt superior to the unwashed masses.

And here I start the rant...

I do not believe it is a sense of superiority as much as attitude about life. I value my life and the people around me value my presence in their existence. I value theirs, as well, or I would not be comfortable in their presence and find another place to be.

We each surround ourselves with people that share common interests or beliefs. I prefer to surround myself with intelligent people who are willing and able to work for their own sustainability. We help each other when one falls down or has a serious problem and needs help. Most of us won't ask for the help, and will only grudgingly accept that same aid. Also, because we are the backbone carrying the weight of so many freeloaders, we don't qualify for much of the aid we are essentially paying for others to enjoy. As intellectuals that share common ideals we support each other as equals and are made up of a wide variety of beliefs, races and ethnicities.

Now ask yourself, which would you rather be someone capable of self-reliance or someone who has been siphoned dry by those unwilling to help themselves? Or perhaps those that have determined they deserver a free ride through life, not contributing to society, not supporting order, and usually, gladly taking from those who do by way of mass voting thieves into office?

In my first comment on this blog entry I posted a link to a story regarding Davey Crockett receiving a very important lesson from a member of his constituency. That lesson was, to over simplify, "take my money in the form of taxes to do the things the federal government is supposed to do, protect the nation as a whole. If you want to help someone who has fallen on hard times, do it out of your own wallet before dipping further into mine, without my consent."

Welfare was, originally, provided by the churches and the community as a whole. With things such as food banks, poor boxes, bake sales and the like people who truly needed assistance got it. Those that were willing to contribute to society would receive aid, usually a bit more easily, because they returned the support to all before and after their misfortune. Now that our federal government has taken up the torch of being the end-all provider of welfare services, more and more people in our society are feeling entitled to those same monies, programs and services. Our young see the writing on the wall, as well. Why work for a living when I can live for free off the gov'mint. Because of some people's beliefs of entitlement and their willingness to sell their freedoms (and mine and yours) in exchange for a free-ride, I am not as free as my father was at my age.

Every day we hear of how the government is intruding farther and farther into managing the lives of all American's. Sometimes this is done through scare tactics such as used with the Patriot Act (I and II). Other times it is done (or promised) as way to curry favor with the voting public to gain another vote.

Now ask yourself are you one of those using and working the system or are you one of crowd described below?

"..when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security"

Are you self empowering to take on the responsibilities of correcting our government or are you one of those that will stand by while others take away your free ride to return the freedom of self reliance to you and your constituents?

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