Obama Called a Liar

During the President's presentation, tonight, he was called a liar by South Carolina's Joe Wilson. (http://www.examiner.com/x-15870-Populist-Examiner~y2009m9d10-Joe-Wilsons-apology-is-meaningless) Mr. Wilson's outburst came while President Obama was stating that the Health Care Reform would not insure illegal aliens.

Mr. Wilson's political career is probably over. And this is a shame. He has apologized for his emotional outburst to Obama and to the joint House and Congress. This, also, is a shame.

Even if this was just an emotional outburst, it still took a spine to call out the President in such a fashion. And being called out in such a fashion, emotionally, loudly and publicly should happen to them all, MUCH more often.

I've made no bones about it, I disagree with this healthcare bill. Yes, I agree healthcare IS too expensive. And I agree that there are many who don't have healthcare and need it. I do not, in ANY WAY consider good health or healthcare a RIGHT. That is like saying a good salary or income or college degree is a RIGHT. People need to EARN what they have and what the get. Healthcare is a business. A very lucrative one, at that, as shown by the balance sheets and shareholder reports of insurance companies.

The healthcare I have is paid for by me and my employer. It is something I have EARNED and becuase I have earned it, I respect it. I don't abuse it. I don't go to the ER for splinter in my finger or because I have a flu bug with a fever. Instead I see a doctor. Those that use the ER's as their primary care physicians are a very large part of WHY healthcare IS so high. Those same ER's have to be resupplied and continually staffed but not everyone that goes there pay for their services received. So, when you or I go, we end up paying for them as well as the services we need.

This evening I was asked WHY those people are not paying and I suggested a list of possible (probable) causes. They ranged from the homeless who have no other means of getting medical care to those people who CHOOSE not to work and live off the goverment's hand-outs, instead. This is just another symptom of the entitlement generations that have been created in our society in the last 50 or so years. More and more people, every year want more and more for 'free'. It is free to them, because they believe they are entitled to it. It is not free to me, because I have to work to pay for their freebies.

And Joe Wilson had the strength of character, if only for a moment to call it as it he saw it. Granted, it would have been MUCH better if he had run down front with the pages of the bill the proved Obama was a liar. Healthcare reform would then be dead. But unfortunately, he caved, he apologized and fell back into lock step with the regime. He was re-educated. He was corrected for his errors in a swift and very Orwellian manner.



toadbile said...

In the weeks since his two word outburst Joe Wilson has raised two million unexpected dollars. (South Carolina allows contributions from outside the state.) The President has said what we expected: those presently here unlawfully will be covered because he intends to implement a general amnesty.

At least wilson got the relevent powers to hear two words; i hope the owners of your damaged building can be made to hear something more before winter.

Pagan Blacksmith said...


the owners of the building HAVE heard and HAVE repaired the hot water issue.

It seems an enterprising tenant provided to the other tenants a variety of forms web pages. the web pages cited state tenant/landlord laws and requirements. the forms were the required documents to file small claims court charges against the property, the property management, the executives (personally) of the property management company and the property owner. also included were the contractual obligations a property has when they are a part of the section 8 housing system.

40+ apartments looking into filing small claims against the property and the property management and asking questions, evidently was quite a stimulus to the powers that be.

48 hours later we had hot water.

I'm still arguing with them regarding my expenses during the outage.

JezmundtheFamilyBezerker said...

"Strength of character" is what you call interrupting the Presidents speech?

Regardless whether the comment is true, interrupting anyone like this makes you an asshole. It certainly doesn't make you a better person or give you strength of character.

Daniel of the Dell said...


I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I'm a firm believer that POTUS is a man, like any other. And if he is caught in wrong doing, he should be called out for it, right then. Regardless of who is watching or what speech he is making.

And yes, I believe it is a show of strength of character to call out POTUS when he was wrong. Not many people would. Could you publicly and loudly point out the man gave a bold faced lie to the world, on international television?