"When will it END?" cried a mother, for a TV news crew.

"When will it END?" cried a mother, for a TV news crew. "When will the government take the guns off the streets?"

What a GREAT soundbite and video clip that was for the local TV news station. A impoverished woman of color, with a quietly sobbing child on her hip gave the camera her all. Really superb opportunity to get that personal community touch. But how about some truth?

Item 1. That mother on the TV was crying over the loss of her teenaged ( 20 years old is teenaged?) son.
Item 2. That same son was shot by police.
Item 3. That same son shot and killed a 16 year old (white) girl who was (allegedly) pregnant with his child.
Item 4. Before killing the girlfriend, that same son shot and killed the girl's father who was trying to keep them apart.
Item 5. Earlier the same day that same son was bonded out of the local lock up for rape charges. She was only 15 when they had sex, at a party, where he provided her with drugs and alcohol.
Item 6. That same son was a 'good boy' and did not deserve to be 'shot down like a dog' by police.
Item 7. Police fired upon that same son, after he shot at them while running out the door of the house where he murdered the father and girl. The responding officers were men of color.
Item 8. The gun that same 'good boy' son used was reported stolen from a house 4 months prior. That same 'good boy' was a questioned suspect in the burglary.

OK, so here we have a scum bag, getting a 15 year old girl drunk/drugged. Having sex with her. Creating a child. Accused of raping her. Arrested. Bonded out. Retrieves a stolen weapon. Kills the protective father. Kills the pregnant girl. Shoots at police while trying to avoid arrest. And is finally shot down by the police.

Yet he was a 'good boy'?

Yet the government needs to take guns off the streets? Stolen guns, no less.

I think someone is in for a rude awakening. Provided she has the intellect to actually, you know, UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF CONSEQUENCES FOR ONE'S ACTIONS!

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toadbile said...

"When will the government take gunmen off the streets." One tiny change and i can sympathise. Oh, and she will get my bow when she prys it from my fat, greasy fingers.