The downfall of the US Socialist Seminal Injection

The end times are upon us! Run now! This post is filled with general ramblings and hatred of the 'Best Game in Town' known as our Federal Government. This posting also represents the second of our most important rights: The right to speak as I feel and believe. The first and most important right is being able to leave, of course. Rather than leave, I would rather contribute to help FIX it.


This wonderful link and related story is a bit incorrect. Of the 80 or so million babyboomers out there, I am willing to bet many are already drawing SSI checks. The many times forgotten disabled. But let's get back to the meat of the story.

Kathleen Casey-Kirschling has filed for EARLY RETIREMENT. This person has been chosen to represent the opening of Pandora's box that is Social Security retirement benefits. This is just the beginning. I predict that within 2 years, our government will try to 'fix' Social Security by stealing more of my money (and yours) to pay for their promises. It reminds me of the Pyramid/Network Marketing schemes I have seen over the years. It also reminds me of a statement I once heard my Civics/American History teacher in High School say: "It's like robbing Peter, to pay Paul, for the trick Mary turned". (He did not know I was listening.)

I have heard several times that Social Security is broken (I just look at my paycheck and can see that!). So far I have only heard ONE decent idea on how to get it fixed. That idea was to put the socialists in the senate, congress, white house and courts onto SSI. There is one MAJOR downfall with this idea. The only way these socialists know how to 'fix' anything is take more of my money and more of your money to throw at the problem. I am already seeing a nearly 40% tax burden on my checks. I earn a decent living for where I live. I have NO Children, so I get no tax credits. I do not own my own house. I do not have a four-year college degree. I see another person down the street, earning less than I, with nine (yes, 9) children, all under the age of 12. He drives a new car. Her minivan is only a year old. and he BRAGS about how little he pays in taxes and how the 'gummint' is paying so much for him.

This family collects money from my pay check in the way of additional socialist programs of taking from the middle to pay the short end. (They are commonly called Welfare, Food Stamps, Head Start and Public Education.) Instead, I would VOLUNTARILY buy this guy a 12 pack of prophylactics if it meant reducing taxes for all of us. Hell, I would even spring for the glow-in-the-dark Trojans!

And while I'm on the subject...

THAT will be saved for a future post.

Well, that should be about enough, for tonight. I'm at work and not able to concentrate on my writing. Let's see what else we can gripe about, tomorrow.

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