Sleep is over-rated

Evidently, I am on a mission. In the last week, I have gotten no more than 12 hours sleep. The demands on my time will be declining after this weekend.

With working grave yard shift, packing, moving myself, unpacking and setting up in the new apartment (barely started), assisting my roommate with packing and loading trailer, and his motorcycle, and ... and ...

Let's just say, I'm definitely running on auto-pilot at the moment.

Odd thing though, is I believe myself to lucid. Or is this what a state of delusion feels like?

I'll have more to say in a few days, folks. L0ts of notes about lots of things to discuss.

P. Blacksmith

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Jenna said...

Hope there is coming a moment when your can try and grab some sleep. I tend toward the frenetic hampster of doom mode myself, but eventually you have to grab a few zzz's. Lookin forward ro reading you.... AFTER the nap. k?