Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Due to recent and local weather events, I realized I was woefully under prepared for emergencies. So, I have started building emergency kits, again. This is a call for an open discussion of what makes for a good emergency kit. If you are a particular professional that deals with emergencies, safety or emergency medicine, your input would be greatly appreciated.

This is what I have started with:

  • one each large black plastic trunk, watertight -- Pep Boys - $25.00

  • two woolen army blankets -- $10.00/ea

  • one gallon lamp oil -- $2.50 --

  • one glass oil lantern -- $7.00

  • five large heavy black trash bags -- already on hand

  • one medium sized medical kit that includes -- $55.00

    • minor band aids

    • bandages & gauze

    • sterile needle and suture

    • variety of cleaning, sterile and anti-bacterial packets

    • watertight container

    • EMT scissors

    • single sided razors

    • tweezers

    • rubbing alcohol

    • peroxide

  • motorcycle wet weather gear/dbl sided yellow & black -- $45.00

  • two tarps 12x12 and 10x10 -- Harbor freight sale $4.00 for both

  • rope -- Ace Hardware – $4.00/50' @ 1/4” and 20lb

  • small bag of char coal (for helping dry wet wood to burn) in sealed plastic bags

  • crank charge flashlights (2)

  • crank charge emergency radio with beacon light (1)

  • 'Biker's Tent' – quick and easy to set up super lightweight and tightly packed tent for motorcycle campers -- 10'x8'x6' -- $65.00

  • hatchet

  • limb saw

  • leather man

  • matches and lighters (sealed)

  • 2 empty clean milk jugs for fresh water

  • $200.00 cash and a $200.00 prepaid credit card

  • folding camp shovel

  • Sleeping bags

  • various campsite gear (picnic basket with plates/utensiles/cookware, etc)

Fortunately, I already had much of this list about the apartment. I simply decided to gather is all together and make ready a kit. This is for short term in place or on trips emergency kit. Some of it over kill, and I'm sure some things are missing.

For long term or evacuation required emergencies, I have added to my 'kit' a 3500W generator, a coleman camp stove (will run on K1 kerosene), rechargeable batteries and recharger, handheld CB radio with additional long antenna range of about 3 miles. Pair of FRS radios from Walmart. Compass and other similar items for the local army surplus store.

I will add more to this list and additional details as they come available.

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