Eulogy for America

Eulogy for America

The United States of America, born from strife and abuse. Men of courage, traitors to the land of their fathers, determined to be free, stepped forward to unite a people to a common cause. Realizing a Confederacy lacked stability because of fragmentation, these same men remodeled the Nation into a Republic of Independent Free Men who would democratically choose their representative in the halls of the Republic. And so the Nation was born and set upon the cycle of its life. These men were strong, fierce, proud men of values centered around family and beliefs that gave them a moral compass that rarely failed them.

Over time, these men were replaced by the voter with men of lower self standard and lesser desires to serve than to rule. This new generation of leaders continued supporting the ideas of the Republic until they noticed the personal profit to be garnered from their positions. And time moved on. As the Nation grew from it's infancy and childhood it divided, internally, seeking geographic lines of separation as economic and cultural differences defined regions. And there was conflict within. Again, in a time of need, a single man stepped forward to lead the fight for freedom for all men. From this embattled time, the Nation stepped forth as a young adult, tempered, strengthened and standing tall.

And again the Nation started becoming complacent and looking to take easier routes to maintain the beliefs upon which it was founded. And again, the Nation started into a morass of decay and lost vision. The responsible young adult was becoming lazy as a new generation was handed the freedoms hard earned by the blood of others. And again the Nation started onto the path of material gain. As the competition for material grew, so did the ease with which it could be attained. Tools and industry made it possible for men to replace craftsmen with machines and processes. Pride of workmanship started to decline as did the unity of the family unit.

As the nation continued to grow, it's very ideals were attacked from without. Challenged by forces great and small on all sides, the Nation stood tall, again, defending not only itself, but it friends. The Nation used its strength to win the challenges, protect it's friend, and bully it's allies. And the population of the Nation grew at a rate renewed and invigorated by the victory over an axis of hatred and oppression. Others from around the neighborhood also came to the Nation wanting the freedoms and the opportunities available there. And the need for material growth became ever greater as the numbers in the Nation exploded.

With the constant effort to increase material wealth, the foundations of the Nation started to crumble. The Family Unit was neglected, the Women left the traditional role of the home to also acquire material wealth for the Family. The Children were now less supervised. They did not benefit from the teachings and examples the parents of their parents had.

Soon the Men and Women of the Family started competing for who was the larger earner of material wealth. Laws were changed as those wanting material demanded equality. The Family unit crumbled and started breaking apart. As the generations passed the idea of having a Family became distasteful. The acquisition of Material wealth was augmented by the search fro personal pleasure, again leaving Children unwanted, abandoned and undisciplined, taught only by their parents the only important matter in their world was to win. Winning was defined as having more than others and working less to get it.

This lead to another generation of adults who were more guided only by self-individualism. This growing ideal of selfishness grew and expanded past the decaying Family Unit and integrated itself into the very structure of the society. The society of the Nation fragmented into smaller and smaller units. Each shouting louder to be heard by their Representatives in the Halls of the Republic. Each generation chose those that promised to return the most unto the lowest of classes hoping to be elevated from the bottom rung of the social and financial ladders. And again the Nation was weakened by fragmentation as individualism moved loyalties away from the whole of the Nation to the smaller groups that promised personal benefit and profit at the expense of others.

The Society fragmented into even smaller elements as the Nation was attacked from without by those who desired the benefits of the Nation without following the Laws of the Land to become members of the Nation. And again, the Nation fragmented as the Representatives promised to open the borders and let any less fortunate in with no regard to the safety of all or they promised to close the borders and restrict the flood of new comers. As this debate carried on, others of the Nation were standing and fighting for the Nation and those that make it. Fighting to protect the freedoms and the way of life and decadence the Society demanded. And with the decay of the Family Unit, this brave minority were excluded from the Society and labeled all manner of unworthy monikers.

And now the Nation, the Society, the Republic that was once great teeters and sways as its foundation continues to crumble into a morass of decadence, an absence of morality and the loss of values.

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As our Nation has grown and matured we have continued to lose contact with the great ideals that brought this Nation into being. A handful of men stood against tyranny as traitors to deliver themselves into freedom. Later, a single man stood as a leader in a time of great internal turmoil to strengthen and gather the Nation back into a single people. Then the Nation stood as one against an enemy of bullies who desired the wealth of our Nation and the enslavement of it's peoples.

Now we are faced again in a fight with jealous and zealous persons bent on cleansing the decadent Nation.

Now we are faced with fragmentation of the Society into small clusters of self interest.

To stand forward now, to put the interest of the Nation before oneself would only lead the death of that individual from starvation, exclusion and ostracized as unintelligent.

We no longer value Unity. We no longer support each other. We no longer look to others in need of aid and support in our times for abundance.

We have lost our strength.

We, as a Society, are already dead.

As a Nation, we may be too far gone to be resurrected.

I, for one, am proud to be ostracized for caring about our Nation as a whole.

Where do you stand?

Do you stand in the crowd, alone?

Or do you stand alone uniting to effect change in the crowd?

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