Agitation on the Anderson Cooper site

First I read: http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2009/04/15/tea-bag-toss-ends-white-house-protest/comment-page-1/#comment-672022.  And I was mildly perturbed that some idiot threw a tea bag onto the white house lawn.  Then we learn it was a box of tea bags. 

OK, so some idiot was being an idiot.  THEN I read the comments. 

My comments may get moderated out of existence, so here they are.  I posted them following Bunmi of California's comments.  Please excuse me while I look for that mythical place where America USED to be.


A ‘Tea Party’ to protest unjust taxation? Taxation being decided by those who will be exempt from it? OR at least able to give themselves pay increases to offset their new taxes? Taxation on those who worked and earned their wages, just so it can be given to those who are ‘less fortunate’?

Get over yourself.

Obama was elected for one reason and one reason alone. He BOUGHT the votes of a majority of the American People. The Media got behind him to make history of ensuring this BLACK guy got elected. Careers were made with the coverage of Obama’s campaign. Writers and reporters who previously were not good enough for the mainstream media outlets were all over Obama as a meal ticket. And suddenly they were stellar reporters with big numbers and careers.

Don’t come down on the conservatives and the Republicans quite so hard. After all, Madoff’s ponzi scam was first reported to the federal government while Bill and Hilary were in charge. And no one wanted to hear about it then, either.

And just to remind a few folks, the persons who have taken the majority of the profits from the illicit activities in the lending and housing markets are NOT the ones that pay the majority into the tax coffers. It is those people with JOBS who pay their taxes and go home. Bush gave tax breaks to the wealthiest in an effort to get money back into the economy. It was a bust, as far as ideas go.

Obama’s plan is to INCREASE TAXES, INCREASE SPENDING and bankrupt us wholly. The same man that bows in submission to another leader, an arab, as he represents THE ENTIRE NATION. He subjugated our entire nation to the feat of that Muslim King. Yet his wife will offer to shake the hand of the Queen of England. Not even able to present the proper respect of a curtsy.

But ALL of the above is without value when you consider our nations first “African American” President wants to reinstate slavery through the mandatory volunteerism required by the Give Act. I guess that is how he intends to pay for so much of what he is feeding the senate and the Congress while asking for Party votes.

Republicans may be full of sour grapes, as the Dems were during the Bush reign. The Dems are now walking on cloud 9 pushing as much socialism through as possible.

And those who use their BRAIN and vote on conscience, will see to it that this nation stands, despite the two ends fighting against the middle.

Pagan Blacksmith of OKC, OK

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