Memories attack with the mildest of stimuli

Sitting at work, things were slow, so I pulled out the MP3 player to jam to while surfing for Linux stuff.

I just told the the MP3 player to start randomly playing any of the music on there.  The first few songs were not 'right' for my mood.  Then came up "Girl" by the Beatles.  I chose to listen to that album, Rubber Soul.  For 30 or so minutes I was transplanted in time a space, within my mind to places and times that were simpler for me.  During 'In my Life' I remembered standing beside a black TV stood up on it's side, smacking out the drum bits with my hands.  Getting different tones from different parts of the side I was tapping on.  I could not have been more than 9.  Then came 'Michelle', and I saw my sister, in freeze frame through her growing up with me.  Granted the song is about a crush or a girlfriend or a lover.  But my sister was named for that song.  'Run for your life' was visions from the backseat of a small car, with a very young version of my father in the driver's seat, tapping out the rythym on the steering wheel at a stop light.  During 'The Word' I'm sitting on the floor of my Dad's CB shop, behind the house, taking apart radios for him to use for spare parts.  I've got the diagonal cutters in my hand, asking Dad how long he wanted the tranformer wires.

Good memories, good time.  Better times and simpler times.

Before this little journey I had been having a bit of a rough day.  Now?  My day is better.

Trust me on this one.  Take a few inutes and explore the memorie sform the stimuli you have abotu.  that little 30 minute vacation down memory road was as refreshing as beautiful spring day, playing hooky from work.  I think we technically call them "Mental Health Days."


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