Time to Gripe

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Obama the fierce is being clapped on the back (by his own people) as a firm, decisive leader with a spine.


Yes, I just used an offensive word. Get over it. If you don't like it, crawl under a rock and hide for a decade or so.


Obama is being lauded all these strong wonderful things for his handling of the Somali Pirates and the sea captain that was hostage. Obama did nothing more than hinder the SEAL team and the on site commander, preventing them from doing their jobs, effectively.

The hostage, even got out of the boat and into the water, freeing the SEALS to shoot with no risk to the hostage, and again, the idiot with solar screen sized ears held them from acting, as they, the pirates, recovered their prize.

Here is a small boat with three unruly men holding another, unarmed man hostage. Many threats of violence and death have been promised by the pirates. And still the orders stood that the Navy was to take no action unless the hostage's life was in serious and eminent danger.

The on scene commander saw one of the pirates point a weapon at the hostage. he considered this to be serious and eminent danger and ordered the SEAL team to remove the threat.

The scenario ran for many ore hours than it should have. and the hostage was left in the hands of pirates. Intentionally left in danger.

One commander took a look at the situation, determined the risks and ordered the shots. I hope he is awarded a medal for dis-obeying an order and saving a life.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Komisar Obama is a fraud.

But as I was recently reminded by a comic from my father, who grew up in a different time, the caption of which read: "don't worry, after all, how many black men do you know that have kept the same job for 4 years." Racist, yes, undeserved? doubtful.

Good night, all


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SMP said...

That whole incident pisses me off to no end. Well, everything about him does, but more so when he gets credit for either not doing anything or making matters worse that others clean up.

This time last year, I would have shaken my head at such a "racist" remark. Now? I can't stop laughing. I was never racist. They have put this in me, and it's not so much racist as it is reasoning the pros and cons of a particular culture that is hauling our society to an ever increasing downward spiral (since when did wearing jeans down the ass showing the butt crack and underwear stop being a violation of public exposure laws??? But I remember now, that would be a racist thing infringing upon their "culture".).

And now there is a new series called "Black in America." You know, because it's so hard being a black man in such a racist society. When oh when will they ever get a break? Will the day ever come that they aren't held down from holding important jobs? Like, I don't know, President of the United States? Oh .. wait ..

I am in the process of creating a blog called "White in America." I think we should all make one.