Long time gone

Well, I've done it, again.

I left this blog un-updated for several months.

Last August I took a vacation. On this vacation I stopped by to see my family, on my ride to the Smokey Mountains. This is when I learned how ill members of my family are.

So, in October, I moved from OKC to a suburb of Indianapolis to help. I left my good job at Dell, sold off or gave away a lot of what I owned, and put my blacksmithing equipment into storage.

Here, in Indiana, I find myself lonely, but not alone; unemployed, but working; broke, but surviving; depressed, but fighting it.

So, in light of the limitation of decent jobs in the area for a person with my skills, I've started my own IT services business. I'm even offering remote services, at this time. So, if you have needs, or know someone who does, please feel free to let me know. Mention this blog to get a discount.

My 'corporate' website is 'http://www.L4SMB.com'


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