Slump Fighting


Thank goodness for Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, John Jameson and our many other friends of sour mash origins!

NO, I'm not intoxicated, nor am I even tipsy. I've had a single drink, this afternoon, of normal size and proportions for an American Legion post's bar. The good of this is not from the fact that I had a drink, nor that I had a drink with a bunch of old drunk farts. Instead it is in the fact that one of my fellow legionnaires recognized I was a bit 'down' and started a conversation with me. He sincerely wanted to know what was going on. This in turn lead to other conversations about business and such. So, NOW, I have a former sales guy for an Indianapolis area technology services provider digging out his old phone book and will start making introductory phone calls, tomorrow.

This is really promising news on getting my business off the ground. I'm hoping he can pull it off.

More to follow, when I know more. As it is, I need to get some fliers, etc, together so when I do face-to-face visits with these fine people, I can leave them with something to contact me through.


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Jenny said...

Good luck with the business!