Any Oklahoma Attourneys out there?

I need a bit of legal assistance.

I'm a former convicted felon, nearly 20 years ago. I would like to get an expungement. An expungement would make it possible to apply and actually qualify for a security clearance. Having a security clearance (or at least being eleigilbe for one) would open a great many doors of opportunity in my chosen career field of IT.

I have spoken to a local attourney, he stated the whole process would take as long as 5 years, and would start with a request for pardon. His fees would be $1000.oo for the pardon. He 'guessed' the total cost would be between $6 and $8 thousand dollars.

I just don't have access to that kind of cash.

Assistance greatly appreciated.


P.S. my 'crimes' were neither violent nor drug or sex related.

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