I believe...

* I believe myself to be, mostly, a Republican and moderate conservative.

* I believe in HELPING others at a social level, meaning the variety of churches and other service providers that work as non-taxed entities.

* I believe in the adage of teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish every day for the rest of his life.

* I accept it as a hard fact of reality that if you save a man's life, he is your responsibility, for life. Darwin and Murphy exist as part of Nature's Great Work of Improvement.

* All men ARE created equal. And that those of us who work are voluntarily subjugating ourselves into slavery to those that will not work.

* I believe I have earned my place in life. I have done good things and I have done bad things. I have served in the military and I have served time. I have helped others with sincerity and I have begrudgingly accepted aid from friends, family and strangers. I have never been on food stamps, I have, however been on unemployment. I have been late on bills and I have donated extra money on bills to help others.

* I believe I have the right to believe in myself as much as anyone else believes what they wish to.

* I believe that all religion has a place.

* I believe that government has a place.

* I believe the two should only meet at the tax office.

* I sincerely think that if I can't run my business on rubber checks, then neither can the government. And taking MORE of my money is NOT how you fix THAT issue.

* Our public education system is no longer educational, it is an under paid over worked day care center for too many delinquents and misfits who have no parents, just DNA donors.

* I believe this list is getting long, but it is also fun! Maybe it can be made into a 'meme'?

* I believe no man is always right. If no man is always right, then no philosophy created by or recognized by man is always right.

* I believe our system of government stinks.

* I believe our system of government is the best on the planet.

* I believe the previous two statements qualify as something worthy of horrific terror and fear.

* I believe that when a person commits a crime, does their time and pays their debt to society, they should be forgiven, in ALL eyes. If they do it again, lock 'em up forever. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice? Shame on me."

* I believe the best medicines are not prescribed.

* I believe the U. S. of A. can be great, again.

* I believe that we should withdraw many of our military posts back to American soil. If our troops are not welcome there, then neither is the American Dollar those troops spend there.

* I believe in immigration and paths to citizenship. Legal immigration, that is.

* I believe welfare shoudl have deadlines and drop dead dates. Either be working by this date, or find help from somewhere else.

* I believe the government should provide a list (electronically, updated weekly) to the variety of shelters and social aid groups of the people who have been cut from the federal teat for failure to support themselves.

* I believe I have come to a reasonable end to this rant.

P. Blacksmith

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