Buh-Bye, Fred

Hey Fred! Thanks for trying. It's a shame you started so late, you may have had a better chance if you had started earlier and gotten your name more prevalent.

Oh well, it's only our country, right? The Liberals will tax the hell out of us, drive us into the pending recession and then we will acerbate the the impending fall of America.

I never knew a Tennesean to give up so easily on something so important. I guess the Republican party has moved to the left of center for such a stoic member to throw his hands up and walk away.

Bye, Fred.

P. Placksmith

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KD5NRH said...

It's pretty sad; last time some freedom loving Tennesseans tried to help out, the good guys all died, and it was still more useful than Fred's campaign. He was a good alternative, but with the rotten numbers early on, there was no way he could make it.