The Nanny State gets tough on internet crime

The U.K., in this article is starting to crack down on people who illegally download movies and music off the internet.

In order to do this, they must know, as a provable fact that the current download is of illegal content. I guess the British don't have those little bills that guarantee protection from illegal search and seizure.

This wonderful recommendation comes from a consultancy known as Green Paper. In their recommendation, it would be the responsibility of the ISP to maintain a list of the illegal and pirate websites and services used.

From other research, peer-to-peer file sharing networks would also mentioned as an item that should be banned all together. With a three strike rule, the customer would receive, from the ISP, two warning letters, and on the third instance they would be terminated as a customer.

So, in order to enforce an unjust and unreasonable ruling (probably paid for by the entertainment industry), an entire protocol with legal and righteous uses will be banned.

Way to go, Jolly ol' England!

If this kind of LIBERAL crap will pass there, what do you think will happen here, if the Liberal Dimmocrits are installed as President?

P. Blacksmith

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