Subject versus Citizen

A realistic question for you:

If an unarmed person is 'subject' of their government and an armed person is a 'citizen' to their government, which would you rather be? A person 'subject' to the whims of the masses, the government and the corruption? Or a 'citizen' who is a part of their society, helping guide and drive their nation in good times and bad?

Myself? I'm a Citizen. That is with the capital 'C'.

More on Citizenship, later tonight, in another post.



Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

Citizen-Ac, here!
Lay it on me!
I can take it!

Pagan Blacksmith said...

Oh, I have more to say. It just takes me a while to get the words in the right order. Otherwise I read like a drunken Yoda.