Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

I've been a follower of the Linux community for a long time. We often times are fighting FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) as spread by the marketing of closed source, commercial software.
To fight FUD, we often have to dig beneath the fluff of the shillers and expose the truth beneath to the light of scrutiny. usually we find that there is no truth, once visible.

I'm seeing much the same from our current and new administration.

I have not had time to research it, but I would truly enjoy reading true documentation of Obama's lies. I am not referring to the lies he made about his life, his past or his heritage. Instead I would like to know his promises from his campaign that have been broken and how long into ofice they lasted. It is my understanding that some of his campaign promises did not even last until inauguration.

Of course, if he were to say something like:

"People of America, during the election campaign I made a promise to reduce government wasteful spending. Unfortunately, since taking office, I have learned there is no way to stop this government's cycle of fruitless, corrupt and incorrigible spending practices. In light of that, I have developed this plan to buy your loyalty, none-the-less. My plan is actually quite simple. All you unemployed, all the terminally addicted to welfare and those of you who would rather sponge than work, I am going to buy your love and loyalty by increasing spending so I, too, can leave my mark on America.

I will increase the spending of the welfare system by negotiating lower interest rates on your homes. But you will only qulaify for this if you odn't work.

I will provide you with free health care, unless you actually work.

I will ensure that you don't lose your house becasue you have no income, by providing you with welfare.

I will take care of you and your sick, your ailing and your children.

I can do this, because I see this as how our community, the community of America needs to be organized."

Of course to say somethign like that would be the truth and as a politician Father Obama does not have the spine to stand up and give it straight to the people.

Here is the second part of the challenge: Prove me wrong.

Give me solid, irrefutable, logical proof and arguments that Tovarisch Obama is not increasing the speed with which this republic is rotting, from the inside out. Prove me wrong, and I might, just might consider converting. But bring a lunch, I've got a lifetime of arguments against solcialism.


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