Funny for the Morning

An associate of mine has contacted me regarding this blog. She wants to know how I can be such a conservative and still consider my self a pagan.

To which I will respond publicly:

I am not a just a Pagan. I consider myself to be a 'Militant Pagan'.

I walk the paths and the trails that are not safe so that others may follow without fear.

I ask the hard questions and search for the painful answers.

I go out and seek the truth for myself, rather than have someone else's truths be fed to me.

I also consider myself to be a Citizen, not only of this land but of this world where my actions (or inaction) will have an effect on everything I know.

But above all else I am an independent mind, capable of thinking for myself, deducing truths and setting aside lies and doubts.

Come on out of the pool, the air is fine.


Zanthera Degore said...

A bit scary but fine. It's just finding others out here as well that's really the hard part.

Sean said...

Well said sir.

Like many things, people tend to think one label must automatically include all the others their mind preconceives - and we are far too complex of beings for that to hold true.

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

Even the stereotype of "Good-Guy, open and accepting" is still a stereotype! Spoon-fed ideology is why we took the path-less-traveled to begin with.
I won't have holly-wicca decide how I should be, in favor of who I am!

And to them, I say "No one cares what you think, if you only do it during commercials!"

Pagan Blacksmith said...

Sean and L & L, thanks for the replies. It is nice to know I actually have a few readers. ;)

Zanthera, I'm sorry, but I do not understand your comment. Would you care to expound?

Thanks to all.