Feelin' ALL that LOVE!

A big warm thanks to AD for the mention on his blogs. I am honored by his mention, but then again, there is a very good reason for that honor. When you have a chance, if you have not already, be sure the special project AD, BabsRN and MattG all did in their collaborative story. They started with Matt's views of a severe vehicle accident, the AD's involvement as an Emergency Medical Tech and concluded with Babs perspective in the ER and after. Their combined story is called Perspectives. A very moving read.

Ok, and now on to other requests, via e-mail and the comments, in no particular order:

  • Yes, I am a blacksmith. A hobby artisan of steel and iron. I do not make swords. But I do make other items, including camping utensils, household items and decorations, historic re-creations and pretty much anything else that suites my fancy. Being a traditional blacksmith, I refrain from using power tools, I do by hand as much of my metalwork as possible. The down side is that living in an apartment, the management thereof has a slight problem with a 3000 degree fire the size of a softball in one's living room, not to mention the smoke, and the noise. If you know anyone in the general OKC, OK area that has shop space, please let me know!
  • Yes, I will be sharing some how-to's and other information. Including an occasional shameless plug to other sites that I know share useful details on steel work and home repair and workings.
  • I do work with computers. In fact, I work 3rd shift as a NOS Analyst for one the world's largest PC manufacturers. But my desire is to return to the San Francisco Bay /Silicon Valley area for employment.
  • Yes, I am a Pagan. In the original Latin 'paganus' referred to folk who lived in the country, usually considered ignorant by the city folk. For me, though, pagan means one who has seen a different light and chooses to walk a different path through life. I do practice spell craft. To me and MY unique beliefs, a spell is nothing more than a catalyst and focus for a prayer. I follow no particular path or teaching, therefore, I would be considered eclectic.
  • No, I am not 'anti-christian', and despite what my mother may have called me as I was growing up, nor am I the 'Anti-Christ' himself. We all deserve the opportunity to follow whatever path makes us happy, with only ONE restriction, do not harm or limit anyone else doing the same.
  • Yes, I have interests that would be labeled survivalist by some. I believe in alternative methods of capturing and using energy. I also believe in a strong dependable posture and presence, as well as just being prepared for as much as possible.
  • I am an American, a Veteran and a human. I make mistakes, I vote and I have served to support and continue the freedoms we enjoy, and all too often take for granted.

And last, but not least for this post is a message to Jenna, that I will be repeating in a comment on her blog:

Please tell the Prime Geek NOT TO BUY A FORGE! It is much better to actually build your own first forge. This link http://www.anvilfire.com/21centbs/forges/brkdrum1.htm will help him make his own first forge. It is not necessary to spend lots of money on tools until you actually need those tools.

P.S. the blogroll links are fixed!


ThePrimeGeek said...

Actually, my beloved Jenna misspoke - I'm not buying the forge, I am makeing it, but of a different design. Using am 7.62 (or larger) ammo box, fire brick, and some propane plumbing, a small, efficient and (most important for me) highly portable forge can be had for <$40, not counting fuel. I have a few professional blacksmiths friends (see Jenna's mention) who use this setup to great effect.

I've been playing with metal for a while now, mostly in a machinist's capacity (as a hobby) - I'm a novice when it comes to getting it hot, hitting it hard, and repeating as necessary. I look forward to reading your blog.

Jenna said...

My mistake, I confess. When first told I was going to have an object that gets THAT hot in my WOODEN garage, I confess to possibly missing a few of the details in the resulting ringing in my ears.

What can I say, I enjoy the fruits of all the hard work that goes into blacksmithing... but as a certified clutz, I try to avoid actually participating in any and all passtimes that involve hitting incredibly hot items with very hard items. I like to think my family appreciates this call.

However... I do look forward to reading your site. (and my misspoke got hubby dear to your site and made him bookmark it so I think I did pretty well actually. lol)

Pagan Blacksmith said...

AHhhhh, Going with a gas forge! Enjoy! I'm still in the dark ages working with coal. but that is part of practicing traditional blacksmithing.

Anyway, I am here and can help, but with multiple professionals assisting you, you should not have any problems.

RugbyGirlMD said...

You're not the only pagan in the blog-o-sphere....even this little area of it.


Don't let the man get you down.

pixie.dust said...

Hello, fellow Pagan-type person! :D Found you through AD's "linky love" section, where I also reside. :D