Third posting for the day -- will it be the last?

If I take the time to make a unique post for each question that I have been asked...well, I don't think my fingers can handle that kind of typing. So, here are a bunch of answers, again in no particular order:

Bob: No thanks.

Terry: Sure, what ever.

Terri: Yes, you too can start your own blog. The account is free. And you do not need a specific topic to discuss. Some people use their blog as a sort of diary. And yes, before you ask, you can make the blog private so your Mother can not find it.

Pastor McHenley: Sorry to disappoint you, but I really have no interest in 'converting' and returning to the light. We have had a great many theological discussions. I have greatly appreciated your point of view and respect your opinion. It is true, there are no atheists in foxholes, just like there is no idol worship at the Vatican.

Dr. Phillips: Yeap! I have a few screws loose. As much as I appreciate the offer, I really don't want to lay down and discuss my reasoning for starting this blog. If you wish to psychoanalyze me, read my posts. I am willing to bet they will be more honest than I could be in your office.

High-Priestess Narisca: No.

Officer Graeves: Thanks for dropping by. And thanks for the ticket.

Mechanic Alberto: Yo no hablo espanol.

Joe: Yes, I enjoy Celtic music, as well as speed metal, thrash, classic rock, gothic, techno and even bluegrass. What I can't stand is that bubble gum pop and rap. One is fake the other is traitorously hollow. Both disgust me.

Cindy: No thanks, dear. I do not wish to have children. One of me on this planet is enough.

And to so many others that asked: Yes, I will post photos of things I have made as a blacksmith. This is the last item I made. It was made at a forge in California while on a business trip. The circle is made from 1/2" square. The star arms are made from 1/8" by 1/2". Each piece is 'forge welded' and no power tools were used to make it. Each piece was 'hot cut' from the original stock. I was not able to finish the pentacle on that trip, so my friend who owned that shop finished it and sent it to me. It is about 10" in diameter. I have jokingly made a comment of making a set of three of these (6", 8" and 10") to be used as trivets. So far, I have orders for 7 sets at $85.00 each. Now I just need a local shop to make them at!

Douglas: 42

I may take the time to answer some of the other questions in a later posting.

P. Blacksmith.


Jenna said...

I have to admit... I was wondering when the offers to save and/or fix you would start pouring in.

Cool idea about the trivets. When you find a shop to work in, don't be surprised if more orders should happen to follow!

Kate said...

The trivets are awesome. I'm sure you'll have orders once you have a way to produce them.

Why is it that other religions and analysts think we *want* to be "fixed"?

Pagan Blacksmith said...

Jenna: hun, all my life, I have had people wanting to help 'fix me'. When I was 10 or so, I literally kicked my father into delivering a beating upon me like he had never done before. The school got involved, others, etc. It was an ugly mess. One of the 'penalties' was that my father and I had to see a therapist. I was never honest with this guy. It was too easy to trip him up, even at age 10. He shortly fired both of us as patients and reported back to the courts to leave us alone.

As for the trivets, I've gotten three e-mails asking for more details. two are wanting them, now. the third is suggesting I should charge more for the set. Interesting possibility. The same is suggesting a few ritals be used to 'consecrate' them. I think I will leave that to the new owners, if I ever get a chance to make them.

P. Blacksmith

Pagan Blacksmith said...


I agree. personally, I usually counter with I'm fine. I can and do think for myself. you are the one that is broken, hiding behind a belief system counter to nature and the world about you. That usually gets me some pretty nasty snarls, but then they leave me alone.

P. Blacksmith

Lea said...

Once my honey gets a new job (probably sometime in the new year), I'd dearly like to have a set of trivets myself. Hopefully before the price gets out of range... ;)

Ted said...
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RugbyGirlMD said...

Keep us updated on the trivets. They're beautiful.