OH! My goodness. What will they THINK?

Before reading my post, please visit this interesting commentary on the way things stand with the war.


Go ahead and read it. This will wait.

Now, I would like to say: What the Hell! Is someone TRYING to make things worse? I mean such an aggressive stance, such harsh demands.

Of course we will NOT surrender to the likes of that filthy son of a pig-nosed wh*&#!

Bin Laden! You and your friends killed innocent friends of mine. I am honorbound, by both our cultures to see you dead, dead, dead. To that end, I support our troops hunting you. I support my President's war upon you and yours. I believe you will rot in that special place in the universe for sick, maladjusted sociopaths that steals innocence from little girls. May your soul and your spirit never see peace you infertile, malodorous, pork liver fed, son of a coward, spawn of a harlot. If you believe strapping a bunch of semtex and dynamite to your chest and walking into a bazaar to blow yoruself up is heroic. Try it, yourself, you fecal brained, in-bred bastard!

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