The World As It Is SUPPOSED To Be

A colleague of mine asked how in the world I managed to link to so many people in the medical and policing industries. Here is a part of the conversation:

"It's quite simple, actually", I say.

"yeah? explain it to me."

"Nurses, police, fire fighters and many others all provide a service to the population. They are the harbingers of 'The World As It Is SUPPOSED To Be'. These are people that work jobs that pay low to moderate wages. The type of career that will never make these people financially rich. At least not the ones that are worth having doing the job. Much like teachers, and I don't mean college professors, these people serve their communities in these capacities as a calling."

"But why? I mean if the money is not very good and hours are terrible, why put up with the heartache of the job?" this young sprog asks. (Thanks for the vocabulary contribution, LD!).

"For the same reason we have so many troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. These people see a need and they step up to fill it. These people are the unsung heroes of our society."

To which the snot replied, "Whatever man. I just don't get it. It's not American. There is no gain in it. They suffer through money issues just to take care of ungrateful people. I could never work like that."

And there begins the education of the corruption of our youth. I will admit, I got into computers for a living for several reasons. I had the brain for it. I loved things that were logical. Mr. Spock was my hero as a kid. He betrayed nothing of his thoughts to others that he did not intentionally want them to know or see. Logic and reason rules this little world.

And as others have done the same over the last two generations, each more empty than the last. Our youth (Gen X and Gen Y) became addicted to the immediate gratification of the NOW American lifestyle. Gen Z will be even more instant gratification. With parents shirking their responsibilities to raise their kids, schools have become day care centers and teachers glorified baby sitters. Continuing the cycle of the 'Dumbing down of America'. What will Gen AA and Gen AB be like, I wonder.

Another point that got my ire up was the young man's comments about working in a social service industry as being un-American. This, dare I say boy, has no regard for anyone that does not have a 6 figure income. He does not have that kind of income, but he is still in college and working a job to keep his school loans under control. This was such a shock to me. Without a salary of $100000.00 or more a year, this kid can not consider someone as being successful.

I may not be happy in my job, but I am happy in my career. I am happy with my MOST of my choices in life, even some of the mistakes. There is nothing in my past I would change, because I would not be here, now. I pity this person who is under-educated in the most important fact of life.

Money will not and can not buy you happiness.

And to all those educators, police, fire fighters, EMS techs, soldiers, and everyone else that works for the good of society, I wish to repay you with the currency that means the most to me.

My thanks and my respect.

I only wish I had the words to convince this naive youthful co-worker the importance of such gratitude and respect.

P. Blacksmith

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Kate said...

Your young friend will probably become wise to the ways of the world once he's out of college and faced with the reality of finding a job in his field. Sure, perhaps he has one of those six-figure jobs, but hey, life happens! He might be like many of the PhD's in the city I live near and be working at McDonalds, because there are no job openings for them at the University. Meanwhile, the rest of us can sit back and be happy with what we have.