Initial Post - Crap, what have I gotten into?

Well, this is it. My second foray into the blogosphere. My first blog was on a personal website for the study and sharing of pagan and wiccan information.

(already broke rule one - don't share religious points of view. This will be discussed more, in later posts.)

I believe I have a bit of a snarkish sense of humor and a twisted view on the world, as it is. More on this as I find the timbre and tone of my online voice.

I have been reading several blogs (as listed to the side) for quite a while now. I decided to start using blogger.com for the home of my blog to (being honest, here) get more exposure. The more people that may stumble across the postings of my opinions and thoughts may share a new light one direction or another.

Feel free to leave comments. Please keep the attacks to a minimum. Share your thoughts and your opinions. Revel and use your first amendment rights, but don't abuse another in the process. (and there was rule two of good blogging - avoid politics, until you know your audience)

As you can see, I know the rules, and some of them I choose not to follow. Rules such as these are not laws. Laws of physics, laws of the republic, laws of society, those I obey. I may even fight the unjust ones, but I do obey them, and I expect them to apply to all and to be universal.

Anyway, enjoy your visit, come back often and be sure to give yourself a little love by visiting the blogs I enjoy. You may find we have something in common.

P. Blacksmith


Zanthera said...

Hey welcome back to blogging. Think it's my 3rd or 4th time myself. Came by way of Ambulance Driver.

Lea said...

Huh - and I thought you must be kidding with the name of your blog. Also here by way of AD. Bright Blessings!

Kate said...

AD sent me over, too. Welcome! Blessed Be!

Strings said...

Oh Hell... the Pagans come out of the woodwork!

Also here via AD: since the HMS Privateer carries a (mostly) pagan crew, I'll have to add ya to my blogroll now!

Jenna said...

Ya know, sometimes things just interconnect in odd ways....

Wandered over to AD, noticed his plug of yours, wander over - mainly as hubby is in the process of buying his first forge (well, that and one of my bestfriends is a lady blacksmith)... and what do I see in the corner of your blog?

My site listed. Huh. Life is a funny funny thing... or is that the flu meds.... we'll see. Anyway, very cool intro to your site, I look forward to see all you have to say. And seeing such a literate person listing me has me desperate to figure out HOW to put the dratted blogrole on my site, cause this is one I will definitly be sending people to.