Posting times

Daggone it, I have had a wonderful response to this blog. Several people I asked to visit have and a few are asking questions and offering subject and discussion topic suggestions.

One person, though, asked why all the posting times were so early in the morning. It's easy to answer, actually. I work 3rd shift. I started the blog, on Friday night, during some down time, while at work. Over the weekend, I posted again, on the shift, because I maintain my 3rd shift lifestyle, rather than trying to live a 'normal' time two days a week, killing my productivity for at least 2 work days as I shift back to nights after a weekend.

It's also quiet, this time of day. Yesterday's post was written in an IHOP at 4:30 in the morning. I was the only guest. The waiter would swing by every ten minutes or so, shake the coffee pot and move on. I was there for 6 hours, just working away on the internet. This is my time of day, and I like it.

So, Debbie, I hope that answers your questions. If not, leave a comment. Maybe I will respond. ;-)

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